If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably know that I’m a makeup junkie. I’d been toying with the idea of blogging about makeup for quite some time now – I just needed a little push to get started. The lovely owner of Filthy Dirty suggested that I start out by writing a comparison post on makeup brands and their complementary sex toy brands, so this post was born! Think of it like matchmaking. If you spot one brand you like on this list, you’d probably enjoy its counterpart.

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Benefit & Rocks Off

Both Benefit and Rocks-Off are known for cheeky style, relative affordability, and a few things they do really, really well.

The Toys

For Rocks-Off, that’s bullets. If you missed my review of the Rocks-Off Bamboo, you can check it out here. Like Benefit’s packaging, Rocks-Off bullets come in myriad colors and prints. This doesn’t necessarily matter to your vulva but it does mean that Rocks-Off toys make awesome (and affordable) gifts for things like bachelorette parties and 21st birthdays.

The Makeup

When it comes to Benefit, their thing is mascara. They’re Real! is every bit as good as people say it is, and I sort of wish I had shelled out for it instead of my recent Diorshow Iconic Over-rated Overcurl purchase. When I’ve worn it, people have actually asked me if I was wearing falsies. Benefit’s newest lash baby is Roller Lash, which has a smaller wand and is more geared towards establishing a curl and length than volume. I’m waiting on mine to arrive (thanks, Klout!) but from Sharon Farrel’s review, I think it’s going to be amazing.

Hourglass & L’Amourose

Hourglass and L’Amourose are both slightly under the radar, unless you’re an aficionado. They’re also expensive. But, in my experience, you get the luxury you pay for.

The Toys

L’Amourose has recently become known for their Rosa and Rosa Rouge. All of their products feature medical-grade silicone, beautiful colors, luxurious packaging, and a hefty warranty. When I met their team at EroFame, they were friendly and informative, something not every sex toy company can boast. In my opinion, L’Amourose is worth the splurge.

The Makeup

Much like L’Amourose, Hourglass strives for quality in their products. Interestingly, Hourglass is one of the only brands I know of that touts science as one of their main concerns. As a result, Hourglass products are free of parabens and phthalates, but are also tested to be skin-friendly. I’ve been lusting after a lot of their products, from their Mineral Veil Primer to the new Ambient Lighting Blushes. The one thing I have in my collection is their Ambient Lighting Palette, which is gorgeous and very subtle.

Urban Decay & Tantus

If you value bright color and unique designs, you’ll love both UD and Tantus. Both have been around for years with a reputation for quality.

The Toys

Tantus has something for everyone, but leans towards unique shapes. If you want something easy to jibe with, you might like the Tantus Goddess, which is unique but approachable. Goddess is designed to really stimulate your G-spot spot, but doesn’t have the harsh curve that some other dildos do. Have something a little more exotic in mind? Tantus makes some amazing butt plugs, but Twist is probably the most interesting! Twist is shaped like a screw, and it’s recommended that you twist it into place. Not quite ready for that? Neo is the same size, but completely smooth and easy to insert. Everything of theirs is made in the United States from the highest quality silicone.

The Makeup

Urban Decay became even more popular with the release of their Naked palettes. There are now 5: Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3, Naked Basics, and Naked Basics 2. It’s pretty hard to screw up with any of those palettes, and they all offer a nice array of neutral shades for your eyes. But UD hasn’t given up on its edgy roots, either. I haven’t tried their Electric palette because it’s a bit outside my comfort zone, but it’s perfect for bold looks.

NARS & JimmyJane

NARS and JimmyJane both go for luxury above all else. Presentation is key, but they have some great stuff under the hood, too.

The Toys

JimmyJane has received a lot of flack, and I understand why. But I can’t ignore how reliably and quickly I was able to orgasm with the Form 2. I’m not one to gush about how “cute” a toy is, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate good design. I love how easy it is to charge my Form 2 – can more companies make stand chargers, please?

The Makeup

NARS is best known for its blush, two of which are called Orgasm and Deep Throat. I have Orgasm, which is not only appropriately named for a sex blogger, but is also flattering on my light, neutral skin. Recently, NARS has received a lot of attention for its Radiant Creamy Concealer, which my mum loves for her under eyes. Also, Taylor Swift frequently wears their Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl. So what’s the catch? In my opinion, a lot of their stuff is overpriced for what you get, and I believe the packaging is the culprit.


Arguably some of the most well-known names in their respective worlds: LELO and MAC. Also, look at those capital letters. Branding!

The Toys

LELO makes one of my all-time favorite vibrators, the Mona 2, and one of the best clitoral vibes around, Siri 2. Mona 2 is strong as heck, quiet, and perfectly curved for either G-spot stimulation or easy clitoral stimulation. Siri 2 is small enough to be easily stored, ergonomically shaped, and suspiciously strong for such a small vibrator. (You can read my reviews here and here.) Unfortunately, LELO also made the Mia 1.5, which fell apart on me; and they own Pico-Bong, which made the atrocious TRANSFORMER. When a company has such a big product line, I guess it’s hard to get everything right. In that case, perhaps y’all should scale it down? The bottom line: LELO makes some great stuff, but not all that glitters is gold. Read reviews before purchasing.

The Makeup

Oh, MAC. I love their Mineralize Skin Finish highlighter in Lightscapade (above, in the circular compact in the center). I adore their lipsticks, particularly Twig and Violetta (both pictured above). But how terrible their foundations can be! I know, it’s blasphemy, but it has to be said. They’re like paint. Matchmaster made me look like a dead body, and if I apply Pro Longwear without cutting it with a thinner foundation or a moisturizer, it looks like I’m wearing a latex mask. But the shade range! The lipsticks! I just can’t quit MAC.

Lorac & We-Vibe

Lorac and We-Vibe, two underrated champions of their respective fields. I’ll keep you in my heart, my bedside table, and my vanity forever.

The Toys

We-Vibe probably sails under most laypeople’s radars because their toys aren’t flashy in the same way that, say, LELO or JimmyJane’s are. But We-Vibe designs toys that work, and work well. The We-Vibe eponymous couples vibe is now in its 4th iteration, and comes with an app that allows you to control it from all over the world. Tango is known as the world’s strongest bullet, and now can be paired with either a G-spot vibrator or a butt plug. My favorite, Touch, is weird looking but immaculately designed for pleasure. Their product line is small, but that allows We-Vibe to really focus on bringing their best.

The Makeup

My favorite palette, and arguably one of the most underrated, is the Lorac Pro. There are pockets of the Internet where the Pro is popular, but it’s not even close to the following that UD’s Naked range has. And, in my opinion, the Lorac palette is more fun to work with. The shadows are buttery smooth, blend like a dream, and are über pigmented. On my oily eyelids, Lorac’s primer outlasts Urban Decay’s Primer Potion by several hours. Oh, and their Front of the Line Pro eyeliner is the easiest to apply liquid liner I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried at least 10.


Are there any comparisons I missed? What kind of makeup-related posts would you like to see in the future? I’ll be back soon with a review, don’t worry! We aren’t transitioning into full-time makeup bloggery.

Special thanks to Rayne Millaray, Caitlin, and Bex, for reading and critiquing!