As someone who’s struggled with her G-spot, but firmly believes that it’s not just a made up thing, I was beyond excited to get my hands on the Jopen Key Comet Wand. It was designed specifically for G-spotting or prostate play. Because the Comet Wand has been out for a while, there are great reviews all over the place, so I had high hopes.



I swear, this faux sheepskin is like the only thing I have to take pictures on. My bedding has a busy print and my couch is ugly. Forgive me.

That hope was not misplaced. Jopen (the luxury branch of California Exotic Novelties, FYI) really delivered with this one. It’s almost like someone thought, “Ok, this is a thing that works, this bulbed end. Let’s do that thing, but try to make it a little better. Nothing too fancy, just make it work.” And oh my God, they did! Novel!

The Comet Wand is made of glass, with the insertable portion covered in silicone. As such, it has a really nice heft to it. If someone came at me in the middle of the night, I feel like I could swing this and still have a perfectly usable sex toy left after defending myself. The weight actually has a far sexier purpose: It’s much easier to put pressure on the G-spot or prostate using something with some weight to it. Makes sense.

The silicone that covers the usable portion of the Comet Wand is what I would call velvety. It has some drag, so it definitely requires lube. If you’ve ever felt a LELO silicone toy and an older We-Vibe, it’s somewhere between those two, leaning towards LELO. I’m not sure, but I think the slightly draggy silicone may have been chosen in order to get a better grip on the G-spot or prostate, facilitating a more intense massaging motion. As a result, it’s a bit of a lube guzzler.

There are two versions of the Comet Wand: I and II. Mine is I, also known as Classic or Original. The Comet II vibrates. I was originally a little afraid that I wouldn’t like the Classic because all of my best G-spot work has been done with vibrators like Mona 2. As it turns out, that was nothing to be concerned about. The vibrating Comet II is $10 more, and the differences between the two models are minimal. Comet II is a bit lighter, so for anyone who has difficulty with heft or perhaps has some muscle weakness in their arms, the II might be a better purchase. Filthy Dirty carries them both, and they’re both currently on sale (30% off!).

My first rodeo with the Comet Wand was much more like an experience with a new sexual partner than any other sex toy I’ve tried. I believe the Comet has a very slight learning curve, and it all comes down to personal preference. Comet’s bulbous head is 1.5″ in diameter, which is pretty average for an insertable. But because it’s completely rigid, it feels a bit bigger, in my opinion. Because I know I have a hard time taking anything straight in that’s over 1.2″ diameter without warm-up, I decided to spend a little time with Siri 2 first. With a hefty dose of Sliquid Sassy, I found that Comet was easier to insert than I had anticipated. I’m still not wild about things that feel rigid pressing against and then pushing past my pubic bone, but we’ll get back to that.

I initially inserted the Comet Wand while lying on my back. This position is kind of a mixed bag. It was sort of challenging for me to move the thing. To get a better grip, I tried to get up on my elbows, but that moved my torso in such a way that it caused some discomfort with the Comet Wand still inserted. Since I’m lazy and I’m married to someone who’s very helpful, we solved this problem pretty quickly. Which brings me to another great point: I found the Comet Wand surprisingly intuitive for partnered use. I showed him how to move it and then I had hands free to use a vibrator (Siri 2) clitorally.

For me, I found that shallow, quick, evenly timed thrusts were best. They quickly built G-spot arousal, and I could feel things ramping up to an awesome orgasm. Despite the fact that – so far – I cannot orgasm from G-spot stimulation alone, I can tell the difference between an orgasm that involves G-spot stimulation and one that does not. For me, this is a warming, full sensation near the G-spot. I always think I’m going to squirt, but I never do, much to my chagrin. The resulting orgasm was amazing and probably the quickest G-spot orgasm I’ve ever had. The Comet Wand is just that specialized and targeted.

Now, I did have a little bit of a snafu. When I was attempting to remove the Comet Wand from my body, it did not wish to leave. It had made itself very comfortable, nestled against my pubic bone. It took some pushing, a few deep breaths, and wiggling the handle around a bit, but then the Comet popped out and I suddenly felt like I needed a six year nap.

Who should consider buying the Jopen Key Comet WandAnyone who wants to experiment with targeted G-spot and prostate stimulation, but wants to save about 40% over the price of a Pure Wand. Anyone who’s looking for the next step up from dildos and vibrators that gently stimulate the G-spot or prostate – the Comet Wand will make your spot submit. Anyone who liked the Pure Wand, but wants something that can be used during oral sex. Anyone with a G-spot or prostate that wants to really wow their bodies and experience awesome new orgasms.

It’s not often that I call something a must-buy. I don’t often say, “You NEED this!” Because everyone has different priorities and different budgets. But if you have $62.30 and a spot you want to hit, you need this.


Many thanks to Filthy Dirty for supplying me with the Jopen Key Comet Wand in exchange for a fair and honest review. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.