Rocks-Off is known for making the “best bullets in the biz,” which is a pretty fair assessment. They have approximately a million bullet designs, from lipstick-size to 6.2″ to one that I saw at EroFame that genuinely could have been used to fend off a home invader. Bamboo is a nice size, sitting right between a mascara tube an a lipstick.


A Special Note from Marvy*:Diorshow Iconic Overcurl is a bit overrated – get L’Oreal Voluminous and push the brush against the opening of the tube until it curves instead. That’s the Nicki Minaj bright pink VivaGlam on the far right, which I highly recommend for when you want men to run screaming. 

As you can see, my Bamboo came in a lovely shade of gold, which looks much rosier in person. It’s very on-trend, which is something my clitoris cares deeply about. Like most bullets without remote controls, Bamboo is controlled via a single button located on the end of the cap.The button isn’t too easy to press, but it isn’t a struggle either. That means you could probably travel with it easily; although if you’re concerned, just pop the battery out. It’s waterproof and runs on a single AAA (rather than measly watch batteries), because Rocks-Off isn’t staffed by amateurs.

When you turn on the Bamboo, you might be shocked by how strong it is. But then you’ll press the button again, and the strength will decrease. You’ll be confused. You’ll press it again, and it’ll decrease again. You’ll want to increase, but instead you’ll find yourself cycling through 7 patterns, 3 of which are varying speeds of pulsation and the last of which will make you do a little jig because it’s so jaunty. At this point, your fingers will feel kind of funny and numb, like you just came in from the cold. You’ll cycle back to the first or second speed and take off your pants.

In use, Bamboo is completely straightforward. It’s a bullet, after all. Its wedge-shaped point lends itself nicely to two kinds of stimulation: pinpoint, or about 1/2 square inch of flat surface area. Per usual, I liked pinpoint a bit more. I found myself building to a pretty quick orgasm on speed 2 although I stupidly tried to stave it off. Don’t do that, because this vibe can cause some numbness, which I find is often a problem with strong but buzzy vibrators. With these kinds of toys, you really have to chase that orgasm and then let it go.

In terms of vibration strength, Bamboo is solid. The strongest speed is too much for me to start out with, so I prefer the second. The third – the lowest speed – feels considerably weaker than either of the preceding two, such that I would consider it unsuitable for anyone but the most sensitive. All speeds are buzzy, but with the strength of speeds 1 and 2, it’s not the disappointing kind of buzzy (like the Crave Wink). For $25 and a single AAA battery, I’m pleased with Bamboo’s performance. For anyone who craves power and a bit of style but is on a serious budget, Bamboo is right up your alley.

When comparing Bamboo to other bullet or discreet vibrators, it stacks up well. You can’t really compare Bamboo to We-Vibe’s Tango, because Tango is over 3 times more expensive, it’s rechargeable, and the nature of its vibrations are different (Tango is rumbly). A popular bullet choice is the generic silver bullet attached to a battery pack and remote. That’s quite a different beast, because while the controls are easier to use, it takes up considerably more space and isn’t as easy to travel with (one of these turned itself on in my purse while I was in a bar on a date – true story). Personally, I prefer Bamboo to those remote-controlled or corded bullets. Compared to the Tenga Iroha Mini, it’s much stronger and its plastic coating is more body-friendly than Iroha Mini’s elastomer.

So, you should get the Rocks-Off Bamboo if…? If you’re on a budget and you want some strong vibrations. If you want a little back-up vibe that can easily be ready whenever you are. If you want to find out if pinpoint stimulation is your cup of tea without breaking the bank. If you aren’t going to lie awake at night wondering why it’s called Bamboo (I’m still stumped, for the record).



Many thanks to my friends at Filthy Dirty for providing me with the Bamboo in exchange for a fair review!

You can purchase your own Bamboo from them, or choose another toy from their entirely body-safe collection. This review contains affiliate links, though all opinions are my own.