I think the LELO Siri 2 may have usurped the new WeVibe Touch as my choice clitoral vibrator, and that fact has kind of snuck up on me. Poor Siri 2 arrived with a bit of a whimper, overshadowed by Mona and Ina Wave. While I like my Mona Wave, I’m going to have to say that Siri 2 is much more likely to be an overall crowd pleaser.



Note the button discoloration. We’ll talk about that later. But hey, it’s not pink!

If you’re familiar with the original Siri, the form factor is nearly identical. It’s shaped a bit like a sleek computer mouse, and I sort of wish I could use it that way (try that for your next gimmick, LELO, and don’t forget my royalties). Siri 2 is slightly smaller than the original Siri, with a less prominent swell on the underside (h/t BexTalksSex). Since I never got a chance to try the original Siri, this means little to me, but it’s worth noting.

One of my favorite things about Siri 2 is that it’s very easy to start slow and build using just this one toy. The lower vibration strengths are still rumbly, but combined with the gentle shape, something about it feels very sensual. I think Siri 2 would make a lovely addition to an intimate massage. Turned up, Siri 2 seriously delivers. It provides a lot of stimulation without causing numbness or over-stimulating sensitive areas. In fact, Siri 2 feels very similar to my beloved Mona 2. So similar that I usually use them on the same vibration levels (4-6 out of 8). The biggest difference is that with Siri 2’s small form factor, you end up with a lot more vibration transfer. It didn’t cause me to have itchy hands, it wasn’t too distracting, and it’s pretty unavoidable with vibrators this small. Still, it’s worth noting if that’s something that tends to bother you.

I have a bit of a non-standard suggestion for Siri 2’s use: Phallic and testicular massage. Because Siri 2 has a broader surface than many other strong clitoral vibes, I posit that Siri 2 would be great for penis-havers who enjoy vibration but don’t enjoy pinpoint stimulation (a’la We-Vibe Tango). I did not get a chance to test this theory, because my partner hates vibration. If you or a partner tries it, please let me know! I would guess that on a low setting, Siri 2 would be great for stimulating and building arousal.

As for settings, there are 9 patterns (including steady vibration) and 8 vibration levels. That’s 72 total combinations. The buttons can be slightly challenging to press, but not so much that it takes away from the enjoyment for me. In fact, it actually frustrates me much more when I accidentally press buttons that take me away from the setting I was enjoying. Siri 2 has 8 new vibration modes (patterns) inspired by different kinds of music, but I’m not a pattern girl so I skip them entirely. If you were getting tired of the same old pulsations, this might be your clit’s cup of tea.

Speaking of music, we come to the *sigh* portion of today’s review: The gimmick. Siri 2 is alleged to be a music vibrator, similar to those made originally by OhMiBod. I am too much of a control freak to ever really want a high-performing music vibrator for anything other than the novelty factor. I can’t orgasm from willy-nilly vibrations, but I can appreciate a fine piece of technology. The problem? This isn’t it. It didn’t respond well to Beyoncé (who doesn’t respond well to Beyoncé?), Taylor Swift, Tupac, or Nicki Minaj. It didn’t respond all that well to my singing or talking, either. Between me and my husband, the consensus was something like, “I guess this is in time with some of the beats? Kind of? Oh wait, it’s not doing anything now.” I wish they would have left this feature off and knocked some money off the price, making the toy more accessible to those on a $100 budget.

Also worth a slight gripe is the button discoloration. I haven’t seen any other reviews mentioning this, so maybe I got a Siri 2 from a faulty batch. What I know is that I cleaned my Siri 2 the way I clean all of my toys, with dish soap and warm water. I’ve been storing it in its included satin pouch. One day I took it out of its pouch, and saw the buttons had picked up a strange orangey brown tint along the perimeter. I only use lubricants like Sliquid and similar body-safe grades, so I can’t blame it on a lube. I wash my hands like a mad woman, so it’s not that. Could it be the included pouch? I don’t know, but for $119, I expect better. Sure, it might be shallow, but it’s the principle of the thing.

Gripes aside, Siri 2 really performs. Most recently, I found myself using Siri 2 while I experimented with the Jopen Key Comet Wand. The resulting orgasm was intense, long, and perfect. When used alone, Siri 2 is a wonderful, solid clitoral vibrator. Its small size but easy handling also makes it ideal for use when combined with insertable toys. Being that it’s also rechargeable, lockable, and waterproof, it’s a real MVP. I love it, and it’s definitely going to be one of my go-to travel vibes this year.

Who should consider purchasing the Siri 2? Anyone who absolutely adores rumbly clitoral vibration but requires a small form factor. Anyone who needs a strong clitoral vibe that also hates bullets. Anyone who loved the original Siri but wished for more power. Anyone who likes to combine dildos or plugs and clitoral vibration, and therefore needs something that won’t get in the way.

Many thanks to SheVibe for providing me with the Siri 2 in exchange for an honest review. The links in this post are affiliate links, the proceeds from which help me to continue running this blog. I’m always honest, though, because I can’t lie to anyone I like. And I like you guys, a lot.