It’s no secret that I’m picky about porn. In the past, I’ve recommended Erika Lust and Abby Winters, but I’ve been hoping to find more awesome porn to add to my consumption. (I can’t possibly be the only person looking to increase my porn consumption, right?)

The problem is that mainstream porn just doesn’t do it for me.

It’s not a kink thing. It’s not even that I don’t feel like my sexuality is represented – that’s a legitimate issue for a lot of people, but for me, it wasn’t my issue. There are mainstream performers that I enjoy, like Stoya, Sasha Grey, James Deen1, and Nina Hartley, but by and large, I just can’t get into it. It just doesn’t turn me on.

When Pink Label TV was recommended to me, I had just signed up for a streaming service from another website. Due to budget constraints, I decided to put Pink Label on the back burner for a while. BIG MISTAKE. A few weeks ago, I finally cancelled my subscription with the streaming mainstream service and decided to give Pink Label a chance. I am so glad I finally did! is an “ethical, fair-trade online distribution hub for independent and emerging adult filmmakers.” Seriously, what took me so long??

The first video I checked out was from the Crash Pad Series, episode 106: Joan and Vai, because it involves a Pure Wand and I wanted to see how to use it. Perhaps unfortunately for me, the Pure Wand did not figure prominently. That’s okay, though, because it was still hot as fuck.

What’s really great about the Crash Pad series is how real it seems. Crash Pad employs a ton of different performers, from all body builds, sexualities, genders, and ethnicities. Also, there’s clearly real enjoyment being depicted here. All porn is work, and all of it is performance. I get that. But it gives you the illusion of peeking into someone’s bedroom while they have really hot, queer sex. I’m also a huge sucker for being able to spot quality lubes and toys in my porn, and Crash Pad (as well as the rest of what’s available through Pink Label) is chock-full of great toy usage.

Now, speaking of queer. I don’t personally identify as queer. I’m “mostly straight, but not ruling anything out.” But I’m also much more interested in two performers’ chemistry together and how they rock each other’s worlds than I am in how their bodies look, what their sexuality is, or what their genitals look like. I believe that’s part of the beauty of this kind of queer, feminist porn. It’s a lotta hotness, without a lot of the constraints that are put on mainstream porn. (They also show a greater amount of respect for trans performers, and that’s something I’m happy to put money towards.)

So, how can you get some of this hot, queer goodness in your bedroom? Depending upon how you like to consume your porn, you have a few options.

  1. You can go to, sign up for a free account, load your wallet using a credit card or other CCBill-approved payment method, and rent videos for 48 hours.
  2. You can go to and join under one of their monthly subscription plans: Level One $22 (streaming video and photos), Level Two $27 (Level One + streaming behind the scenes interviews), or $37 (Level Two + downloadable episodes, Keymaster Collection Access, and more). There are 188 Crash Pad episodes thus far, and more are being made.

If you watch a lot of porn, or if you’ve been wanting to watch the entire Crash Pad Series, I recommend signing up for one of their monthly plans. After 4 months of auto-renewal, you’ll see discounts. If you’re more of an occasional porn viewer, like me, you might want to opt for pay-as-you go style rentals from


This post was not sponsored by Crash Pad Series or I purchased my Pink Label credits with my own money. There are affiliate links within this post.

  1. Please read, cw: rape.