We’ve now come to the last of my EroFame 2014 Haul: the L’Amorouse Rosa. Nope, not the Rosa Rouge, which is heated. This baby is the original, non-heated variety.

When I stepped up to the L’Amourose booth, I had heard nothing of the brand but was immediately taken with their designs, packaging, and presentation. I had the pleasure of speaking with Christine who works in their Asian office, who had actually come to the company after spending time with another high-end brand. She was very, very knowledgeable and an absolute blast to talk with. She let me choose a vibrator for review, and I went with the Rosa since it was most similar to my beloved Mona 2.



L’Amourose knows how to make a sex toy bag, y’all.

For some reason, the Rosa didn’t get much attention from me for a couple of months. I was going through a bit of a dark time this winter, when medicines weren’t quite at the right dosages and the sun just never seemed to shine. Finally, the fog has let up, and I’ve been able to try new things (like Rosa).

The first thing you’ll notice about Rosa is the unique but utterly approachable design. You can clearly tell what it’s intended for, but it’s elegant, like a wave about to peak and then crash. The lines and curves are stunning. It has one of the prettiest charging and display stands I’ve seen, rivaled only by Tenga.

And then, you turn it on. Rosa has two motors – one in the tip, and one in the base – with 7 vibration modes and 12 vibration strengths. L’Amourose is not fucking around here. Rosa is the strongest non-wand vibrator I own, topping the Mona 2. (I consider it far too difficult to compare the Tango to Rosa – they’re not of the same species.)

I want to love the way Rosa feels internally, but I can’t. The curve is slight enough for comfortable insertion, but try as I might, I can’t seem to get great G-spot stimulation from it. Plus, the slight lip makes it mildly uncomfortable to thrust with for me. The length of the insertable portion was too long for me to effectively use the base as a clitoral stimulator, but it also effectively blocked me from using another toy. When I use a toy internally, I like to be able to use a second toy externally so I can fully control everything. That’s just what works for me.

Fortunately, Rosa feels absolutely amazing clitorally. The head is small enough to really focus vibrations on my clit, but it’s not so small that the vibration feels overwhelming (like Tango, for example). Rosa has reliably gotten me off, and consistently given me long, strong orgasms. I usually use the mode where the vibrations are off in the base but on in the tip, with the intensity set to about 7 – 9 out of 12. The base is a perfect handle and makes it one of the most comfortable, ergonomic toys I’ve used. The controls are easy to understand, with standard issue + and – separated by a button denoting patterns or modes. Therefore, it’s really easy to change the mode or intensity during use. One struggle I had was deciphering which mode I was in – there are 7, so it’s easy to lose track, especially with the two motors. But I’m the type to find a mode I love and stick with it, which works well with Rosa, because it picks up right where you left off.

If you’ve recently become disenchanted with other high-end brands, I would highly recommend you give L’Amourose a try. Their toys are strong, their designs are pretty and innovative, and they seem to deliver on what they set out to do. Yes, they’re expensive ($179.99 at SheVibe), but they come with an 18 month warranty and a motor that I seriously have not seen matched on any other high-end toy of this ilk. Forget Mercedes – this is truly the Aston Martin of sex toys.

Who should invest in a Rosa? Why? Power junkies. Luxury babes. Anyone who wants one toy to use in multiple ways and isn’t afraid to spend on it. Let’s be real – traveling with big wand vibes isn’t always practical. If you’re a power junkie on the go, you will not be disappointed. If you crave intense, rumbly vibrations and you hate the hand tickle that comes with many other vibrators, you will be ecstatic. If you need options beyond the usual, you will be impressed. According to Lilly, if Mona 2 didn’t do it for you, Rosa just might.

Thank you so much, L’Amourose, for providing me with a Rosa in exchange for an honest review. You can buy your own Rosa from my lovenuggets at SheVibe.