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I had the pleasure of meeting a few Jimmy Jane reps at EroFame in October including Stephanie, the PR Lead. She was lovely and we had a great chat about Jimmy Jane. I had never actually seen the majority of Jimmy Jane products in real life before – I’d only read about them, and the shop that I used to work in never carried the line. So while I had some ideas about the brand, I didn’t want to judge until I got my mitts on something personally.

Jimmy Jane Form 2 vibrator


Can I just tell you that I’m really proud that I shot this mediocre photo in manual? The light is poor but dammit, I shot it!

First up, I have to address the fact that Jimmy Jane is now owned by Pipedream. If you recall my post on the JLaw Hacked Doll, you know that Pipedream is possibly the most hated company that currently produces sex toys (with good reason). Therefore, we face a bit of an ethical dilemma. Jimmy Jane’s products are made of body-safe materials, at least half of their line has strong motors, and from what I can tell, their toys are good quality. Pipedream, on the other hand, is a total shitshow, and not in the endearing way that I am after a couple bourbon sours. You can make up your own mind on whether or not purchasing a Jimmy Jane product falls in line with your beliefs.

The Jimmy Jane Form 2 looks like a pair of rabbit ears on a little oval-shaped head, but it’s not anthropomorphic. I don’t feel that the form is infantilized in any way, which I appreciate after seeing one too many faces on rabbit-style vibes during my home party days. It charges via a round metal disk located in the base of the toy, and I have to say, the charging base is one of my favorites. Form 2 sits comfortably on its base with the charge clearly indicated by lights. If there’s one thing at which Jimmy Jane excels, its visual design elements.

Form 2 is waterproof, which you know I love. That makes it exceedingly easy to clean. The battery last a good long time for me: An average of 5 uses between charges. And while Epiphora mentioned an issue with the motors in the ears while applying pressure, I don’t usually apply more than very slight pressure when I’m using a vibrator, so this issue doesn’t really pertain to me personally. In terms of strength, I would rate it below the We-Vibe Tango, but I would still consider it strong. This may be because the vibrations are so concentrated in such small areas.  Overall, I think it might be a tad overpriced, but I understand that Jimmy Jane bills itself as more of a luxury design brand than your average sex toy brand. It’s kind of like buying a designer dress.

In use, I don’t find myself using the Form 2 the way that the designers anticipated. If I position the ears on either side of my clit, it’s just the wrong kind of stimulation for me. There’s a motor in each ear, so it should – theoretically – provide a kind of “surround sound” quality. For some people, I am sure that’s awesome. For me, though, I found it much more pleasurable to turn it sideways and have one ear at the top and one at the bottom of my clit. Sometimes I even just used one ear and a tiny bit of pressure. Either way, the Form 2 reliably got me off, and the orgasms were good. (Side note: Should I write a post about orgasm quality? Would you be interested in that?) There are 5 modes and 4 patterns, but I almost always used the straight vibration at settings 2-4. I’m predictable. Strangely, there’s very little transfer of vibration from the ears to the grip, and I don’t find myself with tingly hands.

The one problem that I had with the Form 2 is that sometimes the control buttons are finicky. Sometimes, particularly if I’m pressing the “-” button to step down the vibrations, it’ll skip a level. You really have to click quickly. This isn’t a big deal, but it also isn’t ideal. What could have been a problem but in fact was not is the visible seam bisecting the toy. I know some people who absolutely abhor seams on their toys. In use, I didn’t notice the seam at all. I actually really enjoyed the Form 2.

So here, we come to the crux of the situation: I don’t use the Jimmy Jane Form 2 in the way that it’s intended, so I’m having trouble recommending it for its intended unique selling point. If this shape appeals to you and you’ve simply been waiting to hear if it’s strong enough or good quality, I have good news for you! If you want to hear about how awesome the surround sound bunny ears are? Sorry, friends. My clitoris marches to the beat of its own drum.

Thank you, JimmyJane, for providing the Form 2 in exchange for a fair and honest review. If you’d like to buy a Form 2 of your own, you can purchase directly from JimmyJane, or from my friends at Filthy Dirty (use MD15 for 15% off!), SheVibe, or Lovehoney.