The Eroscillator is sort of like Twin Peaks. It’s a bit of a cult classic. It’s beloved by individuals ranging from Boomers to Gen Y kids. It’s got a retro look about it, but one that’s still appealing. Sometimes, it’s a little weird. But in a good way.

At a family get-together over Christmas, I had a conversation with someone who’s in her mid-to-late 50s about the Eroscillator. She couldn’t remember the name of the vibrator, so she asked, “Do you have that gold one that kind of looks like a toothbrush? I love mine! It’s still goin’.” (Admit it. You now want me at all of your family functions.)

This is, excuse me, a damn fine oscillating sex toy.

To start with, let’s talk about what the Eroscillator is… and what it isn’t. The Eroscillator is a plug-in oscillating pleasure product with interchangeable heads. With the exception of one premium attachment, it’s recommended for external use only. It’s quite hardy – mine has fallen from my bedside table a couple of times and it’s none the worse for wear.

The Eroscillator is not a standard vibrator. It is not for G-spot stimulation*, nor is it recommended for anal stimulation (the heads could become dislodged from the body and consequently lodged in your rectum). It’s not the most visually stunning toy, though I am partial to its shade of golden copper because it makes me feel like I’m wielding a scepter.

The fine people at Eroscillator sent me the Eroscillator 2 Plus Soft Finger Combo (the Soft Finger is also known as the Marshmallow in blog-land). Currently, there are 5 packages that you can choose from on Eroscillator’s website: 2 Plus, 2 Plus Soft Finger Combo, 2 Top Deluxe, 2 Top Deluxe with G Point, and Gold Edition. *As you may have guessed, the G Point attachment is for G-spot stimulation, but it’s the only one designed and recommended for that use. The Top Deluxe is 30% stronger than the 2 Plus. Does this matter? For some, yes. For many, perhaps not.

In use, I have never found myself wishing that my 2 Plus had more power. Of its 3 power settings, I most often use level 1. If you’re a regular reader, you might know that I usually use strong vibrators (ex: Mona 2, We-Vibe Touch) on their medium settings. While I might be power hungry, I’m not a power queen.

My first time trying the Eroscillator, I had an orgasm after 3 minutes. That’s a record. That is an actual record. I was using the Soft Finger attachment and I believe the second speed.

Confession: Until I realized I had to actually finish this review, I hadn’t tried every attachment. I have a tendency to do that – figure out what I like, and stick with it. Since it seemed like my body loved the marshmallow attachment, I pretty much just stuck with that. …Until I decided to sit down for a Jackathon with all 4 attachments and battle it out.

Let’s break down the attachments, shall we?

eroscillator oscillating sex toy vibrator

I’m so sorry for the quality of this photo. The lighting in my home is atrocious unless it’s a beautiful, sunny day. And we don’t have those where I live.

  1. The Golden Spoon: The Golden Spoon was the only attachment to render me numb. Within just a minute of use, I suddenly couldn’t really feel much anymore. I thought this was going to be a strong contender for favorite, but it just did too good a job surrounding my clit in oscillations. Perhaps the hardier among you will enjoy it.
  2. Ultra-Soft Finger Tip: I’m very, very glad they sent the Marshmallow Soft Finger. It’s squishy, but it’s also made from totally body-safe materials (silicone covered elastomer). Those are two qualities that are somewhat rare to find together, outside the world of luxury double-density dildos, so I applaud their materials decision. In use, it feels strong but gently muted. It’s great for warm ups or for tandem use with insertables.
  3. Ball and Cup: The Ball and Cup was the first attachment I tried in The Jackathon, and I knew almost immediately that it would easily get me off, even on my “off” days. So, I quickly switched to the next attachment. By the time I’d tried them all, I decided to come back to the Ball and Cup and finish with the Cup side. The cup’s ridge provided a wonderful, soft pseudo-scratching effect. I know that doesn’t sound pleasant, but as someone who grew up masturbating through her underwear often with medium-length nails, it’s like that nostalgic stimulation on steroids. It took a little while to work up an orgasm, mostly because I wasn’t feeling very sexually charged to start with. When I did, it was amazing.
  4. Grapes and Cockscomb: I was relatively sure I wouldn’t be wild about the Grapes and Cockscomb, and I was right. The Grapes just provided too many points of contact, so my poor simpleton of a clitoris got confused. The Cockscomb was, well, comb-like, and it felt better on my outer labia than it did on my clit.

The winner? To my great surprise, the Ball and Cup! I’ll definitely still be reaching for the Soft Finger for warm-ups, and probably for use with a dildo or one of the Monas, too.

Some notes on The Jackathon: I performed The Jackathon solo so as to avoid any errors in use. I closed the door to my bedroom and the door to the living room (room directly next to the bedroom, where my partner was sitting). Post-Jackathon, I asked him if he could hear any vibrations; he could not. Also, while I have a power strip sitting right next to my bed, the Eroscillator comes with a very generous cord (12 feet), so don’t fret if outlets are few and far between at your house.

Who should purchase an Eroscillator? If you’re looking for a plug-in pleasure product that packs a punch but is capable of much more pinpoint stimulation than the Magic Wand or the Doxy Wand, check out the Eroscillator. If you require a lot of power, but you also want your toy to be at least reasonably quiet, check out the Eroscillator. If you want a stimulating toy that’s very easy to use in combination with other dildos or insertables, check out the Eroscillator. I really believe this is one of the most solid toys that I’ve had the opportunity to review.


Many, many thanks to Eroscillator, who sent me the 2 Plus Soft Finger Combo in exchange for my fair and honest review. You can purchase your own Eroscillator through any of the links in this review, or from one of the fine retailers in my sidebar.