UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners! First place with a choice of prizes goes to Jenn, for her multimedia efforts that included a hand-painted wood paddle! Second prize goes to Minxy Milly! And third prize goes to Jake Mary (Jake got disqualified because he thinks he’s sneaky. He’s not sneaky.). Jenn gets first pick, then Minxy Milly, and Mary will receive the remaining prize. 

…but wait! Because I received so many beautiful Valentines, I have to pick a runner up, right? And that goes to Trix, for their adorable Valentine’s poem! Trix will be receiving a giftcard to their choice of SheVibe or Filthy Dirty, purchased for them by me. 


Three years ago, in February 2012, I found myself at the beginning of a completely new life trajectory. I didn’t know it then, but the decisions I made have had a huge impact on where I am right now. Thanks mostly to the people who read this blog and the companies that I’ve worked with along the way, the last three years have been the best of my life.

I partnered with SheVibe, FilthyDirty, and Crash Pad Series to bring you a giveaway featuring three prizes symbolize my three year blog journey. (Cheesy, right? You love it.)


First up: A $50 FilthyDirty giftcard, representing friendship. When I met Victoria, the queen of Filthy Dirty, she was just starting her shop and I was preparing to move across the ocean. She said she liked my style, and the feeling was mutual. We’ve exchanged a lot of emails over the past year, and she’s definitely one of my favorite people in the industry. Without support from readers and retailers, my blog would just be me talking to myself, and I can do that in my own living room. Thank you, Victoria, for being a great shop curator and an even better friend! (Open to US residents only.)

Next: A 2 month pre-paid Level Two subscription to Crash Pad Series, representing branching out. I love Crash Pad because it never gets boring. There are always different performers in different positions, different configurations, with different kinds of chemistry. It’s anything but the same old thing! Crash Pad pushes porn industry boundaries. If I had never ventured past what I originally thought I liked, or never pushed myself to do better, I would never have grown or discovered some of my favorite toys. Thank you, Jiz Lee and the rest of the Crash Pad team for making such amazing porn! (Open internationally.)

Finally: A JeJoue MiMi Classic from SheVibe, representing neMiMiw beginnings. In February 2012, a fledgling relationship ended, and I decided to treat myself to a Valentine’s Day gift (the original JeJoue MiMi). In order to cope, I also threw myself into blogging. Somehow, this turned out to be the perfect storm, and Marvelous Darling was born and began to thrive after the dust settled. In July of 2012, SheVibe became my first review sponsor. Even though I was running a little baby blog with hardly any hits, they took a chance on me, and I am so fucking grateful to them for it. Since then, I’ve had the great fortune of meeting the SheVibe team and exchanging many an email with the gloriously beautiful and funny Sandra. Thank you, SheVibe, for being all-around super kick-ass. MiMi Classic is made of silicone, is rechargeable, and is completely waterproof. (Open internationally.)


Ok, how do I win?

There are two ways to enter! Of course, you can use the Rafflecopter widget below if you just want to enter and get on with your life. But! You can also enter by making me a Valentine. The Valentine can be in any format you choose: A physical drawing, an MS Paint doodle, a sonnet, a clever Photoshop… Be as creative as you want. You can post your Valentine creation below, post it on Instagram (tag me @marvydarling to make sure I see it!), or email me at MarvelousDarling . Blog (at) Gmail . com. I will be choosing my favorite Valentine on February 15th, and they will get to choose their prize. The two remaining prizes will be chosen with Rafflecopter.


The giveaway is open today (2/9) until midnight on Sunday (2/15). Good luck!


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