If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you’ll know how much I love the Lelo Mona 2. It was the first toy that reliably provided me with effortless G-spot stimulation, and it works a charm on the clitoris as well. It’s a bit on the pricy side, but I always recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile, quality vibrator.

When Lelo approached me about reviewing their Mona Wave, I actually physically jumped up and down and squealed at my partner. When it arrived, there was even more jumping and squealing. I was pumped.



Mona Wave is very similar in both looks and measurements to Mona 2. Mona Wave has a more pronounced curve by perhaps 10-15 degrees (disclaimer: I do not own a protractor – sorry, dad). Where the Mona 2’s base was made of hard plastic with silicone buttons, Mona Wave’s base is silicone with buttons located beneath the surface.

Mona Wave’s unique selling point is that it moves in a come-hither motion, which is the classic gold standard for G-spot stimulation. This has been a dividing issue. As far as I know, no friendships have been dissolved, but there are some strong feelings out there, ladies, gents, and enbies.

Personally, I absolutely loved the wave motion. Internally, I found it highly satisfying, especially when combined with clitoral stimulation. It felt like the laziest sex ever, and I am all about that. Sessions with the Mona Wave were slower and a little more involved than with other vibrators, but for me, this turned out to be a pleasant change of pace. I found the wave motion to be equally satisfying clitorally. In fact, it’s the only toy I’ve carried in my suitcase for any trips I took between November and January. (Which was admittedly unwise, because I have a big ole pile of toys that need to be reviewed.)

For me, it’s a great multi-tasker.

Sidebar: As always, I write reviews from my own point of view. I try to include recommendations on who might find a toy satisfying, as well as who might not. Two important parts of sex toy reviewing are to know your own body, and to know your readership.

For as long as I have been having orgasms, I have had them easily. A few of my reviewer friends got into reviewing because they had a hard time reaching orgasm and wanted to take charge and do something about it. (Some of my “real life” friends have the same challenge – if this is you, you are not alone.) On the other hand, I got into reviewing because I love masturbating and I love being critical. I can get off with almost anything. It’s not uncommon for me to have a dream orgasm.

Therein lies the problem.

After reading Lilly’s review of the Mona Wave, I decided to pull out my Mona 2 and my L’Amourose Rosa (review forthcoming). I had never noticed a vibration strength discrepancy between Mona Wave and Mona 2, but now I had my doubts. By god, she was right! The Mona Wave is perceptibly less strong than the Mona 2. And Rosa beats both of them. So the obvious choice would be to completely write off the Wave, right?

However, I strongly recommend you consider your vibration needs and preferences. I usually use my Monas on their middle settings. I am not a power queen. So, for me, the Mona Wave is awesome and unique and totally gets me off. If you are a person who cannot orgasm without the strength of something like the We-Vibe Tango or the Magic Wand, then you may very well find yourself displeased with the Mona Wave. If you can orgasm from even a half-hearted fingering, then you have a bit more flexibility in your buying choices.

Overall, for the average user, I would still recommend the Mona 2 over the Mona Wave. You get more power, and it costs a good bit less (~$40). But for the vagina that has everything? The Mona Wave might be just the ticket. It’s definitely earned a spot in my rotation.

Big thanks to LELO for providing me with the Mona Wave in exchange for an honest review!