If you’re not familiar with Minna Life, you should be. Especially if you’re a fan of small brands and vibrating patterns. They currently have two toys on the market (Minna Ola and Minna Limon) and one in the works (Minna K-Goal). All of their toys use squeezable air pillows to create highly responsive patterns.

Minna Ola vibrator rechargeable

Minna Ola vs. Minna Limon

I own both Ola and Limon, but my preference is definitely for Ola. My problem with Limon was that the vibrations resonated throughout the whole toy. For some people, this is awesome. For me, it was distracting. With Ola, though, that’s not a problem. Ola is a G-spot vibrator with a long neck, so the vibrations don’t transfer all the way down to the squeezable base.

Minna Ola in Use

The unique selling point of Ola is that it responds immediately to your squeezing pressure when it’s in Free Play mode. To my knowledge, it was the first toy to do so, and it does it expertly. If you like a very particular sort of pattern, it’s easy to create something 100% tailored to your exact specifications. If squeezing the entire time you’re using the toy sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry – you can create a pattern (or just a steady vibration level) and lock it.

As a G-spot vibrator, I like it. It’s nice. It hasn’t blown my mind, but my G-spot is very finicky. It may prefer stimulation sans-vibration. We’re still in the getting-to-know-you stage, while my clitoris and I are bosom buddies. Er, vulva buddies. Whatever.

Clitorally, the Minna Ola is great. I love how the shaft functions as a nice long handle. For folks who have trouble easily reaching their vulva and clitoris, this could be a huge selling point. I like being able to easily and instantly adjust the speed without fumbling for a button. I like how strong the vibrations are because of the firmness of the bulb at the end. It’s completely waterproof, making it easy to clean and suitable for shower or bath play. In short, it’s a very, very solid vibrator.

And yet, it’s not one that I reach for constantly. I often pack it when I’m heading on an overnight, when I want the option of internal or external stimulation while keeping my suitcase light. But I can’t help but feel that I’m not the best match for Ola. I like patterns, but I can get off easily without one. I like G-spot stimulation, but the clitoris most often holds the key to my orgasm. Ola, for me, is like a wonderful partner that I just don’t feel I’m completely suited to.

Who’s it for?

Would I recommend the Ola? Unequivocally, especially for people who love patterns, hate buttons, and like to have internal/external options. It’s an amazing toy, and it can give you everything you want (except girth – it’s a relatively modest size). At $149, it’s an investment, but I do believe it’s well made and that they packed enough features in to make it worth that price point. Plus, I loved working with the people from Minna Life when they sent me my Limon. They’re exceedingly pleasant, and that makes a huge difference to me.

Unfortunately, I received the Minna Ola in exchange for a review from Burlesque Toy Shoppe. Burlesque has closed its doors in the wake of an under-funded crowd campaign. Rest in Peace, Burlesque.

You can purchase your own Minna Ola from my friends at Filthy Dirty.