Whew! It’s been a while, and I owe you a bit of an update. Okay, maybe a lot of updates.

As some of you may have noticed, I took a little bit of a step back from my blog in the past couple of months. It wasn’t intentional. Things just began to snowball, and blogging got away from me.

I hadn’t formally announced this on the blog yet, but I’d like you to know that I’m working for KIIROO, a sexual technology start-up. KIIROO makes luxury teledildonic/cyberdildonic sex toys, focused mostly on long distance couples. Officially, I’m a copywriter and content manager. Unofficially, I’m the toy geek and test vagina. I’ve been there since April, so you can see why I’ve been so busy!

It’s a pretty amazing gig, and it even takes me to Amsterdam a few times a month. That having been said, my affiliation with KIIROO has no effect on my toy reviewing. Just like when I was working at a brick and mortar sex toy store, my opinions here remain my own and are in no way influenced by my employers.

Another reason for my absence is one you’ve all heard before if you’ve been reading my blog for some time: Depression. I have a double whammy of clinical depression and hypothyroidism. This means that when one of both of those conditions isn’t treated – or is under-treated – I feel like hell.

Long story short, I went through a months-long process of figuring out how much to adjust both my SSRI and my synthetic thyroid hormone. Now, I think I’m at just about the right place. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, because you sort of get used to a certain energy level and daily ability. Depression can be very subtle and sneaky.

But, I have some good news!

My hours at work have changed, and I’ll once again have Fridays free. This means more blog posts, more toy testing, and more time to network. If you’re waiting on something from me, please be patient just a little while longer. Things are moving into high gear, I promise!

In October, I got the opportunity to attend EroFame, a big erotic trade show in Hannover, Germany. I had a chance to schmooze with some new friends, and got to check out a lot of toys in person. The highlights, for me, included walking away with a JimmyJane Form 2, learning all about L’Amourose and getting my very own Rosa, and seeing that the incomparable Coochy Cream may be coming to Germany (finally)!

Fun story: When I walked past the Classic Erotica stand and saw Coochy, I let out a combination gasp/scream. Immediately, I launched into why it’s the best shave cream (gentle, super soft, no shave rash, best fragrances). Unbeknownst to me, a man was there deliberating whether or not to start carrying Coochy in his shop. And that’s the story of how I got an armload of free Coochy.

Unfortunately, I am participating in No Shave November. My armpit kittens are coming back, and I’m growing out my leg warmers. Why? So I can take pictures in December and weed out the weak.

So, which toys are next? I currently have: a new G-spot dildo from BS is Nice, Curve from Lovecandy by Kendra, Tenga Iroha Mikazuki, JimmyJane Form 2, and L’amourose Rosa. Which one are you most looking forward to seeing? What do you have planned for November?