If you’ve been on the sex toy scene for a while, you’ve probably seen some reviews of the original Revel Body (or one of the few versions they put out in quick succession). A few reviewers really loved it, a few more found it to be so-so, and a handful despise it with the very fiber of their being.


The original versions of the Revel Body included warnings not to use their product near loose skin or hair. Which is, you know, basically genitals. I’m happy to report that the SOL includes no such warnings – Revel Body heard the criticisms, and did something about them. I’ve used it on my labia when I’ve had hair, and when I haven’t. No issues whatsoever. It’s always been comfortable to use. (As it damn well should be.)

Opinions on Revel Body products are a bit like the great Velveeta versus Kraft mac ‘n cheese debate: It’s polarizing, and things can get heated. (Velveeta, if you were curious, is the one true macaroni and cheese, but Kraft shapes will do.)

The original Revel Body had a single core, and was described by some as being a bit weak. It was more expensive than the SOL, and came with only one tip included (and several others available as an extra purchase). The tips were difficult to change out as well, and the entire toy was a bit more difficult to disassemble for cleaning. All of that has changed with the SOL.

I never received the original Revel Body, so my opinion of the SOL is coming from a place of relative objectivity. Sure, I’d heard mixed reviews of the original, but everyone deserves another chance.

So, where do I stand?

I really fucking like the Revel Body SOL. I think it is strange and awesome.

The SOL made a good first impression by arriving in some very nice packaging, with a beautiful color scheme. The “pink” is really more of a coral, and would make a lovely lipstick. Instead of pitch black, the orb itself is a dark grey, which somehow makes it look more expensive. It has three soft, convex buttons located on the side of the device: Plus, Power, and Minus, in that order. SOL comes with the orb, the piston, a charger, and three included tips (Rose – slightly rounded, Fawn – looks like a brush, and Ever – looks like a target).

Notably missing is a storage bag. Tsk tsk. Keeping all 6 pieces together is a bit of a mission sans-bag (the bag in the photo is from We-Vibe). I have too many toys to be keeping track of every last odd and end. You can purchase a storage bag for some extra cash, but I would personally prefer to pay an extra $5-10 initially for a little satin bag. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Fresh out the box, I charged up my SOL, and decided to play around. The first thing you need to know about SOL is that it is a sonic vibrator. Its motor oscillates. Therefore, it produces a different kind of vibration from a traditional vibrating motor. This is also why its speeds are different from a traditional vibrator.

SOL’s piston is unique in that it moves back and forth, creating a thudding motion. Each speed is different, so the feeling goes from gentle tapping, to insistent thudding, to a very fast tap-tap-tap-tap-tap. It produces the vibrating sensation through this movement, and for this reason, feels different from a traditional vibrator. It almost defies the rumbly versus buzzy characterization that we reviewers have been relying on for years. It’s… thuddy.

SOL has 6 speeds: The first is slow and weak, and feels like a gentle tapping. Second is slightly faster and stronger, and third is the most intense, with an insistent thud. Four and five are faster but less intense, more like quick but powerful tapping. And then there’s OM, inspired by the Heart Chakra. Reading the manual, I found myself snickering at OM. “OM? Really? Is my clitoris going to do some sun salutations, too? Should I fix it some chia pudding and get it a little yoga matt?”

…Om feels fantastic. It actually ended up being my second favorite speed (after the 5th speed, inexplicably), and produces some mighty strong, long orgasms. Let this be a lesson not to knock what you’ve not yet tried.

One of SOL’s unique selling points is its performance under water. Unfortunately for me, I do not have a bath tub. I’ve heard that the concave end is designed to create suction underwater, which I’m sure feels great. I just haven’t found out yet. (But I promise to update this review when I do.)

Currently, I have a lot of reviews on my plate. What I tend to do during the review process is set aside one to three evenings a week to test. I frequently test multiple toys in one session so that I can compare them to one another, and I always keep an old favorite nearby in case the newbies can’t get the job done. What I found with the SOL was that I was reaching for it when other toys failed to please. Usually, this only happens with the We-Vibe Touch and Lelo Mona 2. Those are my mainstays. But, I guess I’ve found a third!

My favorite way to use SOL is with the Rose tip, on speed 5 or 6. Months ago, I used to think that I preferred direct clitoral stimulation over labia minora stimulation. I was wrong. There is a time and a place for labia stimulation, and it appears to be with the Revel Body SOL. The orb is the perfect size for me to grip comfortably, and it it covers enough area to really make the most of those vibrations. What I found was that initially, broad vulva stimulation was amazing. Then, as my arousal grew, it was easy to get more pinpoint stimulation clitorally by spreading a bit with my other hand. Also, I’m not sure if I’ve articulated this in past reviews, but I find that by gently bouncing a toy up and down, or tapping it against the clit, I can get more stimulation than by just holding it against me. Tricks of the trade?

Now, we have to address the name. I’m guessing SOL was chosen because it has a nice ring to it when you pronounce the full name as “Revel Body Soul”.┬áBut when you capitalize all three letters in sol, you get SOL – Shit Outta Luck. Since I truly do believe this is a quality toy, I don’t think that moniker is doing it any favors. Sol would have been a better choice, in my personal opinion.

The biggest drawback of the SOL is the sound it makes. Modes 4-6 make high-pitched buzzing noises, which could irritate some users. Normally, I’m affected by the sounds toys make. In this case, though, I was easily able to get past it once I felt the sensation it produced. I live alone with my partner, and when I still had a roommate, she knew what I did for a living so she never questioned nor was she phased by vibrator sounds (God, do I miss her). But if you live in shared accommodations or you have thin walls, you might want to cover up with some blankets and put on some music before firing up your SOL.

The Revel Body SOL retails for $139. That’s quite an investment. But it’s also very unique – in order the get the kind of broad stimulation that SOL provides, you usually have to look toward wand-style vibrators, which can be cumbersome. Granted, SOL cannot be used internally, so it’s not as multifaceted as a toy like Mona. But all that being said, I would absolutely recommend the SOL if this kind of stimulation is what you’re looking for. It comes with a 2 year warranty.

Thanks so much, Revel Body, for providing me with a SOL to review!