A few months ago, I contacted my dears at Lovehoney.de (Yes! A Lovehoney just for us in Deutschland!) and asked to review a shaving cream and post-shave oil. I’d been dealing with some ferocious ingrown hairs, and couldn’t seem to find a proper shave cream in any of the local adult stores. Lovehoney.de graciously sent me Dare to Be Bare shave cream and post-shave oil.

If you have sensitive skin, you know how much of a pain in the ass shaving can be. Whether it’s your armpits, legs, or bikini area, you might break out in a rash or end up trying to dig an ingrown out at the world’s most awkward angle. So why do we do this?

You know why. It’s a social norm thing.

Some people have strong body hair preferences, but I’m really not one of them. Sometimes I let my armpit hair grow for a month or more. I went a year without shaving my pubes. Recently, I’ve noticed a lot more femme people sporting body hair. Is it coming into vogue? Are we entering an era of hair acceptance? I hate to sound pessimistic, but probably not. It’s probably going to remain a fringe trend.

Mostly, I want to focus on how to shave safely. Most of us simply cannot shave with just a dull blade and water. It ends in blood and tears. Using a dull blade can cause all kinds of ills, from cuts that can get infected to ingrown hairs. Buy fresh blades, and your body will thank you.

I did not take my own advice here. About three months ago, I was shaving recklessly. It started with a tiny bump in my armpit. The bump turned red. I thought it was a pimple, or an allergic reaction to my roll-on deodorant. I switched to a deodorant spray, and it calmed down a little, but remained. Over the course of a few weeks, it became bigger and more painful. At this point, I knew something was wrong, but I wasn’t sure if it warranted a trip to the doctor. (Spoiler: I should have gone to the doctor.) At one point, it was so inflamed and painful that I couldn’t wear anything with a seam in the armpit. At that point, I decided to get aggressive.

Do not continue reading if you’re squeamish. I’ll put another statement in bold when it’s safe to read again.

I applied a hot compress, and after a few applications of antibiotic cream, I noticed a head, similar to that of a pimple. I left it alone over night. The next morning, while showering, it began to pop of its own accord. I helped it along. I have never seen so much pus come out of anything besides an abscess. It was disgusting. Finally, a long-ish brown hair appeared. That filthy bastard. After over a month of pain and an unsightly lump, I vanquished the hair. For days, I applied antibiotic cream, hoping it wouldn’t scar. (Or worse, re-emerge.)

Okay, you’re safe.

So, this is why I feel it’s very important to choose a good shaving cream, like Dare to be Bare. I usually prefer creams found in adult stores, because they’re more frequently geared toward professionals, like exotic dancers. If anyone knows how to keep things looking good, it’s a dancer. Also, while these creams do tend to cost more, the ingredients are of much higher quality. Dare to Be Bare feels silky smooth, contains no parabens, and is not tested on animals. It is mildly fragranced like baby powder, but my sensitive skin didn’t have a problem with that.

When it came time to shave, I picked up a new razor and went to town. I noticed that on my legs – which often suffer from razor burn, but never ingrowns – Dare to be Bare worked like a charm. It left them smooth and well-hydrated.

My armpits were divided. One of my armpits is great, and the other is a problem child. The easy going pit loved Dare to be Bare – it was smooth, soft, no problems. My problem armpit was slightly red in a few spots after shaving, but I did not experience any ingrowns.

I was pleasantly surprised when it came time to tackle the pubes. I did need to use a lot of product, but that might be because I’m overly cautious. I was left with much, much less irritation than usual. I did a completely bare shave, just to see how it would go. My skin was smooth and soft, not at all irritated, by about 6-12 hours post-shave.

After shaving, I applied their post-shave Dare to be Bare Oil. It contains Tea Tree, which makes perfect sense for its antibacterial healing properties. As such, it has a little bit of an herbal fragrance, but I didn’t personally find it unpleasant. As for preventing ingrowns, I think it did a great job. I haven’t had another ingrown catastrophe yet. (Full disclosure: I did have a small ingrown situation along my bikini line about 3 weeks ago, but I believe that was from wearing underwear with irritating seams. It was no where near as bad as the Great Armpit Ingrown of 2014.)

As it is, I’ll continue shaving only when I feel like it. Whatever your body hair preference is, you rock it. But when you do shave, shave smart. I’ll definitely continue to use Dare to be Bare when I do.

Dankeschön, Lovehoney.de! Dare To Be Bare ist sehr gut. Sie kaufen Dare to be Bare in einem Kit, komplett mit Post-Shave Öl zu sein, denn 23.99€.

For US customers, you can get a Dare to be Bare from Lovehoney.com for $22.99!