When I was contacted by Nomi Tang about reviewing the Better than Chocolate 2, I was skeptical. (If you read my blog regularly, you’ve noticed that I’m skeptical about a lot of things. I’m a jaded sex toy reviewer.) The original Better than Chocolate had received mixed reviews despite winning a Red Dot Design Award, and after seeing it in person at the shop where I used to work, I wasn’t impressed. When I received my BTC2, my interest was officially piqued.

Nomi Tang Better than Chocolate 2

Physically, the shape is the same. It still kind of looks like a manta ray mixed with a piece of modern art furniture. But BTC2 is considerably smaller than the original Better than Chocolate (and the Music Edition). BTC2 is made of soft, matte silicone; instead of taking AAA batteries, it is now rechargeable. Better than Chocolate and Better than Chocolate 2 are like Matthew Lewis (aka Neville Longbottom): You can see how they got from point A to point B, but the transformation is impressive.

In use, I’m actually wowed by how much I like the BTC2. The Original had mediocre vibrations that tended toward buzzy. This iteration is exactly how I like my vibes – strong, but not jackhammer, and nicely concentrated. While it’s not the absolute quietest vibrator I own, it is quiet enough that I would recommend it to apartment-dwellers, or those living with relatives. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the BTC2 has a visible seam. During use, I didn’t notice this at all.

The trackpad control is one of the main selling points of the BTC2. Honestly, though, I found the controls a little bit difficult to get used to. I think I’m just so reliant on the basic 1 or 2 button interface that most vibrators have that even something that should be intuitive gets a little cloudy for me. BTC2 uses a thin trackpad as its control, with a Nomi Tang logo as one “button”. I say “button” because rather than it being a physical button, it’s a separate touch area that you tap to control. You use the logo button to change modes, and swipe your finger up and down on the trackpad to change speeds. There’s also a dedicated power button located right behind the logo button, off the trackpad. While I found it a little difficult to change modes in use, I really like how the controls are hard to accidentally press. There’s very little chance of accidentally turning it off. My partner found the controls easier to use than I did, and was pretty enthusiastic about them.

For such a small vibe, the battery life is quite decent. I’ve only charged it once, and I’ve used it about 4 or 5 times. The charging port is similar to those on the Lelo Insignia line, in that you poke the charger in and once its pulled back out, it theoretically closes up to be waterproof. Like the original, they claim that the BTC2 is waterproof up to a meter. Because I don’t have a bathtub, I haven’t tested it underwater. But this feature does make it a lot easier to clean, which is something I always appreciate.

My only gripe: While the packaging is beautiful, I wish there was a bag included for travel. You could absolutely travel with the box, which is lined with a nice grey satin, but it takes up considerably more space than just the BTC2 itself. Perhaps I’m spoiled, but I would have preferred a satin bag to satin inside the box.

Overall, I would give the BTC2 a big thumbs up. Two situations in which Better than Chocolate 2 would really shine: Anyone who finds gripping smaller vibrators challenging (ex: arthritis sufferers), and anyone who wants pinpoint stimulation in a more ergonomic form than a traditional bullet vibe.

Better than Chocolate 2 retails for $89. I received mine free of charge from Nomi Tang in exchange for an honest review.