If you’re a longtime reader, you might know how fond I am of the original We-Vibe Touch. When I first encountered the Touch, while working in an adult store, I was impressed by the motor but anticipated that the shape would be impractical. I thought it was weird, frankly.

Oh, how little I knew then. What a baby sex toy enthusiast I was.

WeVibe Touch

Somewhat recently, We-Vibe revamped both of their clitoral vibrators, known as Touch and Tango. I remember hearing the first whisperings of change and being both excited and skeptical. “How could they make it better?” I wondered. Well, they did.

The most obvious change to Touch is its new coating of satiny matte silicone. In short, it’s glorious. I actually took it out of the box and rubbed it against my cheek. (Sidebar: The new packaging is so much less frustrating than the old polygon-style boxes.)

The second most obvious improvement is the charging mechanism. It’s still magnetic, so the Touch is still waterproof, but it’s now much easier to see that the Touch is connected to the charger, and to ensure that it won’t accidentally become disconnected. They’ve also replaced the wall outlet with a USB cable, which is awesome for those of us who travel internationally (or just don’t have very many wall sockets).

Once you’ve turned the new Touch on, you’ll notice how much they improved the button. Since the Touch operates on a single button system, how well that one button works is extremely important. The original Touch had a very firm button that was a little difficult to push, especially in use. WeVibe has totally fixed that problem with the new Touch’s button. It’s the same size and shape, but it makes a discernible ‘click’ when you’ve pressed it, and feels both easy to push and sturdy. I never thought I would feel so passionately about a button, but here we are.

In use, it’s just as dependable as the original Touch. I find it extremely easy to have an orgasm with the Touch, which is nice when you want something guaranteed to leave you speechless. Personally, I love the gently pointed tip. You might prefer the little clitoral nook. That’s the beauty of the Touch: It’s versatile. Also, it’s small, it holds a charge very well, and its button isn’t likely to be pressed in transit, so it’s one of the main vibes that I reach for whenever I travel (and I’m traveling a lot these days). It might look kind of like a potato, or a tongue, or a potato-tongue, but it’s impeccably designed.

Of course, I had to see how the new model compared to the old one. Both have 8 vibration modes: low, medium, higher, highest, and four patterns including a “wave” and a “cha-cha.” I’m not much for patterns, but if you are, I think you’ll find something to suit you here. Turning them both on, I was surprised: While the motor is the same, the old Touch actually felt stronger in the first vibration mode. I think it has something to do with how the old silicone felt like it grabbed at your skin a little bit. By mode 3, though, the vibrations themselves were not distinguishable.

“But wait, how could they improve it without making it stronger?”

The original We-Vibe Touch was already extremely strong. Its motor was the same one that WeVibe put in the Tango (Salsa has been discontinued) and Tango, arguably the strongest bullet vibes on the market. In order to make it any stronger, they would probably have to make it either larger or more expensive (or both). That would have been totally unnecessary, in my opinion. Instead, they focused on the externals, and they did a bang-up job of it.

As with all We-Vibe products, the Touch comes with a one year warranty and an awesome customer support team. (Seriously, the folks at We-Vibe are top notch.)

New Touch has absolutely earned its place on my list of Holy Grails, right next to Mona 2 and the VixSkin Mustang. Thank you, We-Vibe!

You can get your own Touch at one of my favorite retailers, SheVibe and LoveHoney.