If you recall from earlier this year, I’ve been working on sizing up most of my toys. When it came to butt toys, I was definitely a beginner. In January of 2014, I could only use the smallest of small plugs. Then, I reviewed the Tantus Meteorite, and things began to change.

While the Meteorite is a bit long, it’s nice and thin and I would still say it’s good for beginners. It was comfortable to insert, pretty, and extremely hygienic.

So, naturally, I decided to take it up a notch. Enter: The Matrix Tantus Neo.


Neo – like all Tantus toys except for the Alumina line – is made from premium, pure silicone with a lovely semi-matte finish. Tantus Neo is 4″ long and its bulb has a maximum diameter of 1.4″. I would definitely not call Neo a beginner plug, considering it’s the same thickness as a fair few penises. The silicone has a little bit of squishy give to it, but overall, it’s pretty firm, although the base is flexible. I’ll be honest: When I first saw it in person, I laughed, and figured there was no way in hell I was going to comfortably get it in my butt. (Oh, ye of little faith!)

What made Neo doable for me was definitely its shape. The tip has a lovely taper to it, and the base is supremely comfortable. That said, it was still definitely a stretch for me.

To use, I first had to relax. As someone with an anxiety disorder, who is also more high strung than a chihuahua on crack, this is a little bit difficult. Deep breathing helps. After that, I grabbed a much smaller plug to warm up (the Suit from BS Atelier, review forthcoming). Since I would still classify myself as an intermediate beginner, a warmup was wholly necessary for me. Never be embarrassed to warm up!

Because my warm up plug went in easily and pleasantly, I moved right along to the Neo. Of course, I needed plenty of lube, so I reached for my trusty Sliquid Sassy. I soon discovered that – for me – it’s actually very hard to use a plug this big while lying on your back. I thought for sure it just wasn’t going to go in, as I was actually starting to feel some pain. Before I threw in the towel, though, I tried it again in a different position: Laying on my side, fetal-style. Eureka! Bum success!

Once I found the position that worked, the Neo was really fantastic in use. Because its silicone is just a bit grabby, I could really feel it against my muscles as it slid into place. There’s no texture on the Neo, so it’s quite an easy toy to ease in. While anal stimulation still isn’t my favorite thing, I really enjoyed the full, slightly stretched feeling this plug gave me, and I have to say that it’s got one of the most comfortable plug bases I’ve ever seen or used.

I’ve already recommended this plug to a friend, who recently added Neo, Tantus Little Flirt, and the Lelo Mona 2 to her collection. I would never recommend anything on my blog that I wouldn’t recommend to my very closest friends. So, if you’re looking for an intermediate plug that’s well made, easy to use, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, you should really pick up a Neo.

Bottom line: 5/5 stars, will absolute insert into my rectum again.

Thank you so much, SheVibe!


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