Please welcome Sam to the blog! This is their¬†first review, and I’m very proud to be hosting it. Sam came to me to ask about masturbators suitable for trans guys and trans-masculine, penis-having folks. Since I wasn’t able to find a whole lot of information on the topic, I reached out to my friends at SheVibe about sponsoring a guest review of the VerSpanken system. Without further adieu, take it away, Sam!

Why the VerSpanken H2O?

It is hard to find good products on the market for trans guys that are looking for something for penis stimulation, as a lot of toys made for men assume an average cis-guy penis size and thus most of the interesting and stimulating bits of the toy tend to be difficult to access or impossible to use entirely.

The Ver Spanken’s design appealed to me because of it’s purported high degree of adjustability. It consists of soft inserts (the variation I used contains “WaterWieners”, which can be warmed or chilled or used at room temperature) within a plastic casing that can be opened and closed with a snap closing to control the pressure.

VerSpanken masturbator

Within the package was a bumpy WaterWiener set and a smooth set.

Using VerSpanken

My first attempt was with the bumpy inserts. Inserting them and removing them from the plastic holder was fairly easy — there are two soft buttons on the reverse side of the inserts that pop into place within the plastic holder, and it holds them in well and isn’t too difficult to remove either. I’m not ordinarily the type to be too adventurous with temperature as I can be quite sensitive (especially to cold), so I thought leaving them at room temperature would be good for a test run.

Texture wise, the bumpy inserts feel nice. I tried pushing through the inserts with the snap closure held together initially but it is INCREDIBLY tight and unless you’re into super maximum pressure I think most people will probably find themselves opening the snap closure and adjusting it to a suitable pressure manually. Make sure you’re using a lube that doesn’t dry out too quickly or it will likely get frustrating very fast.

However, the design of the VerSpanken is what holds the intelligent concept (adjustability) and nice texture back. Rather than moving easily through the inserts I found that the material tended to grip me and move with me quite a bit rather than allowing any real friction, which didn’t produce much sensation. For other trans guys especially I anticipate this being an issue because the only thing I can see remedying the situation is considerable length, which most of us cannot boast.

The smooth inserts weren’t any better in that regard, and honestly comparably the different textures did not feel remarkably different upon use.

The device itself is kind of awkward to hold due to the shape and size, and the hard plastic parts kept coming into contact with my body and that was uncomfortable.

Overall, I love the concept and the material itself has a great give and surface feeling, but doesn’t seem to work well within the device. I think the “WaterWiener” inserts would be nicer within a more traditional “masturbation sleeve” style toy rather than the open-ended VerSpanken.

I would give it 2 out of 5 stars.


Thank you, Sam and SheVibe! If you have any ideas for Sam about toys they¬†might enjoy, please leave a comment here. One thing’s for sure: The market could use more inclusivity.