I’ll be honest with you: I’m surprised by how much I like this vibrator. My expectations graph would be something like an upside-down bell curve. When I initially saw the Tenga Iroha Mini, I was SUPER excited. I love Tenga, and I enjoyed my Iroha Sakura but would have preferred a firmer toy. Plus, I love miniature things. Miniature dogs, miniature candy bars, miniature beauty products… So, naturally, I asked my friends at SheVibe if they could hook me up. Tenga_Iroha_Mini_Vibrator When it arrived, it was even smaller than I expected. And it was made not of ABS plastic all over, as I originally thought. It’s actually half ABS, half elastomer. So, my expectations fell drastically.

Why does that matter? Elastomer is porous. Tenga says theirs is phthalate free, and I trust them, but it’s still porous. I would prefer it be made of ABS, in all honesty, because it just saves a lot of trouble and makes cleaning easier and sanitizing possible. Both halves of the toy (blue and yellow, on mine) feel exactly the same to me, so I’m not sure why half is elastomer. They’re both hard, smooth, and velvety to the touch. The ABS is perhaps slightly smoother, but there’s no huge tactile difference.The tip is hard – completely hard – ¬†which makes pinpoint stimulation a lot easier.

On one of the short sides of the toy is the button, which is way too difficult to find if you’re using it in the dark or if you’re already in the throes. The button is actually underneath the layer of elastomer and is easy to click once you find it. It seems like it would be a sleek idea, but in practice, it just doesn’t work that well.

Considering the fact that this little thing runs on a single AAA battery, you wouldn’t expect vibrations beyond those of a cheap cock ring. But you would be wrong! Maybe it’s because the toy is so hard and so small, but it conducts vibrations really nicely. It’s a bit loud in a buzzy sort of way, and the vibrations are not deep and rumbly. They’re buzzy, like the sound indicates. But they’re strong, and the way that you can easily concentrate them in the tip makes them work exceptionally well.

I love how easy the Iroha Mini is to grasp in use. It fits perfectly in my small hand, but doesn’t make my hand go numb or get tickly. It’s comfortable to hold in a variety of positions, something I really can’t say for all small vibrators. Every time I’ve used the Iroha Mini, I’ve been able to climax without needing to switch to another toy or spend an hour staring at the ceiling trying to focus.

Because it’s so small and only takes one battery, the Iroha Mini would be a great travel vibrator as long as a little buzzy noise isn’t a problem. I took it to Amsterdam with me in my backpack, and once I took the battery out, it was totally travel-ready. (Nope, I wasn’t stopped by security.)

Overall, if you have a bigger vibe or a more powerful smaller vibe, I don’t know that there’s much of a point of adding this to your collection. At least until they re-release it in entirely ABS plastic. But, if you’re a newbie to the world of toys, if you’re on an under $25 budget, or if you’re shopping for a bridal shower gift, I think the Tenga Iroha Mini is a great choice. Plus, it comes in Purple/Green, Blue/Yellow, and Pink/Pink, which means someone is actually listening when we say we want colors other than pink. Halleloo.

The Tenga Iroha Mini was provided to me free of charge by SheVibe.com in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.