There’s no doubt about it: When it comes to innovative designs, Minna Life is on point. Their original toy, the Minna Ola, was something I’d lusted after for years (and you can read my review here!). It was also the first toy to really perfect the squeeze technology that it uses to control vibration. Other toys do it, sure, but no one does it like Minna. So what about the new Minna Limon?
Minna Limon vibrator rechargeable silicone

First Peek

It’s adorable. At 3″ long and 2″ wide, it’s a barely a handful for most people. Of course, it’s made of 100% smooth silicone with a small plastic disk as the charging base. Big thumbs up to toy manufacturers like Minna who don’t skimp on quality. Although I’m personally not a huge fan of pink toys, I think Minna’s dark, purply pink is stunning. (It’s also available in teal, for hardcore anti-pink people.) Far from gimmicky, the shape is actually one of my favorite things about this toy. The tip allows for pinpoint stimulation, but the broad vibration surface can also be used for full-vulva stimulation. In short, it looks cutesy, but there’s some really intelligent design there. It also has the best magnetic charger I have yet come into contact with. Seriously. Its charger is like a little throne, and the magnets are strong enough to hold it in place reasonably well. Plus, it keeps the toy nice and clean, which I very much appreciate.

Minna Limon in Use

In use, the Limon is nice and strong. It’s not going to rival a Hitachi, but it’s nothing to scoff at in my opinion. It’s stronger than the original JeJoue MiMi, but not as strong as the Mona 2. It’s also the good kind of strong – rumbly. Unfortunately, that actually poses a problem for people with hands my size. But I’ll get to that in a minute. What makes the Limon different from other clitoral vibrators is Minna’s squeeze technology, which is truly incredible and even more intuitive than I anticipated. It has two pockets of air space that attach to the motor and the strength of your squeeze translates into the strength of the vibrations.

In Free Play mode, the Limon simply responds to your squeezing. You can squeeze a free hand pattern, or just play around. I like steady vibrations, so with an average vibrator, I usually start off on the first or second setting to warm up, then cycle up to about 75% of full power. What I liked about controlling the Limon by squeezing was that it was far easier to warm up and increase the vibration than it would have been had buttons been involved. However, once I get to high power, I like to just keep it steady. That’s what works for me and my anatomy.

That’s where Lock Mode comes in. To set a vibration, you simply turn it on with one button click, squeeze to the desired level, and click the button again twice more. This mode would be particularly great if you enjoy a lower vibration frequency, but your partner is using it on you and they happen to have an iron grip.

The most fun mode is Record Mode. You simply squeeze the Limon in the pattern you wish to create, then stop squeezing for a second or two. Then, Limon will start playing your pattern on a loop. If you’re me, you might record the opening bars of “Under the Sea” and see if you can get off while also imagining dancing crabs. (Then, realizing that “Under the Sea” isn’t cutting it, you record a very fast, strong pulsation pattern that actually does get you off.) All in the name of research!

Who’s it for?

So, it’s innovative, rumbly, attractive, fully waterproof, rechargeable, and body-safe. What could go wrong? As a result of the shape and strength, I get a lot of hand rumbling with the Limon. That is my only complaint, but it’s one that keeps me from reaching for it more often. I find that since I like the vibrations at their very highest intensity, it causes a lot of rumble to be transferred to my hand, making it difficult for me to keep the toy in place. Granted, I have very, very small hands. I have to wear gloves from the children’s department. It’s much better when my partner, who has bigger hands, holds it for me. Then, I can just lay back and enjoy the awesomely rumbly vibrations.

My Ratings:

  • My pleasure: B+
  • Design: A
  • Vibration strength: B+
  • Ease of use: A+

If you’re looking for something strong, discreet, body-safe, and a lot of fun, I would definitely recommend the Minna Limon. It’s definitely unlike anything else out there.

Thank you so much, Minna Life!

You can purchase the Minna Limon from my friends at SheVibe for $119.

Disclaimer: The Minna Limon was provided in exchange for an honest review in accordance with FTC guidelines.