I’ll admit: I was highly skeptical of the Adora wand, made by Odeco. First, I’d never heard of Odeco, and I like to think I’m pretty well-versed in quality toy manufacturers. When I looked them up, I found a functional but sort of odd website with a weird mention of “VIPs.” But then, I actually received my Adora wand in the mail courtesy of the lovely folks at Bondara.


What originally drew me to the Adora was its small stature (8″ long, thin enough for my baby hands to grasp), its silicone and ABS plastic body, and its pressure mode. The size and materials did not disappoint. It’s easy to grip, comfortable to hold, and the silicone has a really lovely finish, almost reminiscent of Lelo, with minimal drag. I don’t actually use my toys in the bath or shower, but the Adora wand is splash-proof for those of you who do. One of my favorite features of the Adora is the control set-up. The buttons are small, which may be an issue for those with larger hands, but the controls are very intuitive. In order from top to bottom, you have +, power/mode, and -. You don’t have to use one button to cycle around!

Unfortunately, there are a few tiny spots on my Adora where the seam is just a bit loose or some glue is showing, which gives away the fact that this toy is luxury-ish but not quite cream of the crop. I have a few gripes about the charging, too: There is no light to verify that the wand is charging. For a rechargeable toy, I think some kind of charging indication is crucial. While I like the charger for the Adora wand (it’s a DC plug for a wall socket, not USB), I hate having to just plug it in and hope for the best. Also, the battery life is a bit short. I might be spoiled by the likes of Lelo and even WeVibe, but I expect to get more than 3 uses out of one charge.

Now, the fun part: The Adora in use.

Honestly, I expected it to be quite buzzy. (Buzzy, for the uninitiated, means that the vibrations are rather shallow. Rumbly is the opposite of buzzy.) However, the vibrations were shockingly strong. There are two straight vibration strengths (low and high) and five patterns. If you read my review of the Vibratex Mystic Wand, you might remember that wands don’t usually work for me, given my preference for pinpoint stimulation. In the case of the Adora wand, I was actually able to have a strong orgasm in around five minutes using the high setting. That’s efficiency, right there.

When it comes to vibration patterns, I really couldn’t care less. I rarely, if ever, utilize patterns. But I do love a gimmick. Toward the base of the wand, below the buttons that control the normal vibration settings and patterns, is the “pressure area.” Much like with the Minna toys, you squeeze the pressure area and the motor responds with vibration. Unfortunately, the Adora’s pressure area is not anywhere near as finely tuned as Minna’s. I was unable to pick up much of a difference in vibration strength depending upon how hard I squeezed, and I did have to squeeze pretty hard to get a response from the motor. Overall, I felt that this feature was gimmicky in a bad way: More gimmicky than actually useful.

To summarize, if you’re looking for a wand vibrator that’s strong, body-safe, rechargeable, and won’t break the bank, I would recommend the Adora. I really enjoy it in use, and I think with a few tweaks to the design, it could be a really phenomenal luxury toy. Thanks so much, Bondara!