Before I received my very own Mona 2, some of my well-respected friends gave it absolutely rave reviews. It’s been touted as a holy grail vibrator by more than a few seasoned reviewers. But what would my finicky g-spot think about it? Would it actually be comfortable to use clitorally, or awkward and cumbersome?


I would be lying if I said that the beauty of the Mona 2 wasn’t a factor when I was deciding what to request for review. It’s truly a gorgeous toy. The g-spot curve is slight but somehow voluptuous. It’s kind of like a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

If you’ve ever felt a Lelo silicone toy, you know that their silicone is soft, smooth, and silky. Like most of their insertables, the Mona 2 is made of extremely hard plastic, nestled under the thin layer of silicone. The insertable length is just under 4.5″, and its diameter is 1.5″. There’s a small ridge where the silicone meets the plastic handle, but it remains easy to clean. (For what it’s worth, I usually don’t gunk up my toys that far down, but some people do. It varies, and you shouldn’t feel weird about it either way.)

Oh man, the handle. I love the handle because it’s very ergonomic. It has a decent weight to it and feels solid. My favorite part is the buttons. They’re soft and squishy but easy to press and clearly differentiated from the rest of the handle. The +, -, up, and down signifiers are easily distinguished by feel alone, even in the throes of awesome vibrator passion. You can press the + and – buttons at the same time to lock it for travel, too. AND they light up to signify charging and pulsation pattern. I would like to buy a round of shots for whoever made this control zone happen.

When it comes to vibration strength and modes, it’s easy. + and – take the strength higher and lower, while up and down will let you choose a pulsation mode. You can choose both the pattern and the intensity, which is like, basically the Chipotle of vibrator control options. You want chicken and mild salsa? Barbacoa and hot salsa? Really slow pulsations on the highest intensity setting? YOU GOT IT. (Maybe I’m just hungry.)¬†Mona 2 is the first vibrator to convince me that pre-made pulsation patterns might actually suit me sometimes. The slow pulse on the highest setting is INSANELY good and makes an awesome clitoral warm-up.

In use, I found the Mona 2 to be one of the most comfortable toys I’ve ever tried, both internally and clitorally. Internally, the vibrations really hold up, due to Mona 2’s rumbly motor. In fact, with the curve being where it is and my g-spot being rather shallow, I actually found that even internally, I got some light clitoral stimulation from the neck of the vibe. Externally, well, holy shit. The tip of the Mona 2 is softly peaked, meaning that it can be used for fairly exact stimulation. Alternatively, you can apply the curve to your labia. Since I enjoy pinpoint stimulation, I found that the handle actually did a phenomenal job of offering me control while keeping my fingers far enough away from the main vibrations. You can feel some vibration through the handle, but not enough to cause “Tickly Hand Syndrome.”

The first time I used the Mona 2, I needed a snack afterwards, and then I tweeted up a storm. I could not talk enough about this thing. It’s the first toy that has left me absolutely positive that I experienced a g-spot orgasm. Other toys have left me wondering, thinking it might possibly have just been a really good clitoral orgasm. Not Mona 2. Oh, no. Then, a few weeks later, I decided to use the Mona 2 externally while I tested the Lovehoney Satisfy Me G-Spot Dildo. Again, my vagina all but stood up and applauded. No matter how I use this toy, I am guaranteed impressive results.

I will give this toy up when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. So, yes. It does live up to the hype.

Thank you SO MUCH, Burlesque Toys, for providing me with the Mona 2. You’ve changed my life. Seriously.

Update: Burlesque Toys has officially closed its doors. As such, I recommend you get your own Mona from Filthy Dirty (use code MD15 to save 15%!) or SheVibe