When SheVibe asked me what I wanted to review next, they suggested the Magic Banana, and I chose the Crave Wink and the Tantus Meteorite.  We already know how the Wink fared. The Meteorite, I chose on the recommendation of Caitlin from Sex-ational!, thinking it might be a game-changer.



Fun Factory Bootie, Mystery Plug of Dubious Origin, and Tantus Meteorite

For some reason, there’s a lot of stigma associated with anal play. For one, many women believe that all the pleasure in it is for men, and that anal sex is just something you do because a man wants to do it. First of all, that’s pretty darn heteronormative. Second, the anus is rich in nerve endings, which makes it a legitimate pleasure center for anyone. For people with a penis, it’s possible to stimulate the prostate through anal sex or other stimulation. For people with a vagina, it’s possible to stimulate the G-spot, but simply going slow and exploring the anal nerve endings can be pleasurable in its own right. It’s always best to start small and rely on a good lube (might I suggest some Sliquid Sassy?).

Upon finally getting my items from customs, I took a closer look at the Meteorite and balked. It’s 4.5″ long and 1″ in diameter. For someone who isn’t used to putting things in her butt, it looked pretty big. I’ve tried three plugs in the past: Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Medium, Fun Factory Bootie, and one of dubious origin from my old job. I adored the Mood Naughty, but accidentally lit it on fire (silicone can withstand the heat of a lighter, but not the heat of a culinary blow torch. In case you were curious.) The Bootie is just as thick as the Meteorite, but much shorter, and curved for prostate pleasure. I never had success fully inserting it, so I was skeptical about my ability to actually use the Meteorite.

But, being that I’m bound and determined to break into butt play, I tried. We got out our trusty bottle of Sliquid Sassy, I relaxed, and to my great surprise, it felt fantastic sliding in. The silicone is a bit matte, which is actually great for holding onto lube and reducing the tickling sensation that’s plagued my butt play in days past.

The best way that I can describe the feeling of the Meteorite in use is that it was almost a continual penetration feeling. With the way that the toy gradually widens along the shaft, each centimeter that the toy was pushed in stimulate the sphincter muscle anew. To my rather inexperienced butt, it felt pleasantly full, and a lot of “Ooh!” was uttered.

Going nice and slowly during insertion is a must when you’re new to anal play, because anything that hurts is your body’s way of telling you to stop. With a lot of lube and a little bit of patience, though, the Meteorite was easy, comfortable, and pleasurable to insert. Pulling it out during clitoral orgasm was pretty fucking awesome and added some new sensation that seemed to prolong my orgasm a bit.

I’m not yet to the experience level where I can leave the plug in my butt, though the base seems comfortable enough for that purpose. It’s not the most comfortable base I’ve seen because the rectangular shape isn’t going to easily rest between your butt cheeks, but it’s not circular either, a shape that drives some other reviewers downright crazy.

The Meteorite is a solid choice for anal beginners that are willing to be a little bit adventurous or have tried at least a finger in the bum before, or a good second plug for those that are used to very small plugs (like the Tantus Little Flirt). Because it’s 100% silicone, you can completely sterilize it, making it great for partners who are both into anal play. Tantus makes some amazing toys and they always deliver when it comes to quality.

Thanks, SheVibe!