Merry Christmas! Apologies for the long, unplanned absence. I’ve had a lot on my plate recently. As I write this, I’m on a plane from LaGuardia to Pittsburgh. Our trip home was hectic to say the least, and my bag did not make it on the same flight we took from Heathrow to Newark.

What’s the most upsetting part, besides not getting to give presents on time? My WeVibe Touch was in that bag!

Before I got a Touch of my own (thanks so much, WeVibe!), I theoretically understood the hype but I wasn’t sure if it would be the vibe I was looking for. Oh, but it was. The WeVibe Touch is my personal Holy Grail, and I don’t know if I’ll ever find a vibe to top it. (I welcome challengers. Email me.)

If you’re not familiar with WeVibe’s products, know that they’re most famous for their couple’s vibrator, the latest incarnation of which is the stunning WeVibe 4. But WeVibe also makes some amazing clitoral vibrators, like the now-discontinued Tango (Salsa has been discontinued) (get one while you still can!), as well as the Tango, and Touch. While the Touch and the WeVibe models are made of silicone, the Tango (Salsa has been discontinued) and Tango are made of hard ABS plastic. All are rechargeable and 100% body friendly. Plus, they come with a warranty, and WeVibe is exceedingly pleasant to deal with.

To adequately describe the Touch, I’m going to first talk about the Tango (Salsa has been discontinued). The WeVibe Tango (Salsa has been discontinued) is an extremely popular model among toy reviewers, especially those known for craving intense vibration strength. Tango (Salsa has been discontinued) is small, shaped like a bullet, made of hard plastic, and has an extremely powerful motor. When you combine these factors, you get a lot of power in a tiny package. I have a Tango (Salsa has been discontinued), and while I’m impressed with it, I have to use it with panties on in order to not totally overwhelm my anatomy. I prefer a bit of a softer Touch (heh).

The Touch, then, is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s shaped a bit like a tongue and a bit like a potato. It comfortably fits in the palm of my hand, and I find the shape incredibly ergonomic for something that looks decidedly odd. The toy is controlled entirely by one easy to press button that makes switching between modes easy, but not so easy that you’ll do it accidentally. There’s a soft point at the end opposite the control button, and just below the point, a divot. That divot/point combination makes angels sing.

Touch’s silicone is the same as the kind used in the WeVibe models 2-3; that is to say, it’s got a lot of drag and it really picks up dust.  I consider this the only downfall of the Touch, but even that isn’t enough to dethrone it from its spot of honor in my toy drawer. The WeVibe 4 is made of beautiful velvety silicone. Please, WeVibe, make us a touch with that same material!

The softness of the silicone ever so slightly softens the vibrations, as I suspect the inner motor is exactly as strong as the Tango (Salsa has been discontinued)’s. While it might be a con for some people, for me, this is a good thing. I still get the rumbly, strong vibrations, but they’re delivered without a side of clitoral numbness. I’ve also found that the slightly softer casing makes this an awesome toy for partner use, and the shape means that they can get creative, between tracing along with the tip and cupping the clit with the divot.

When it comes to modes, I think the Touch really delivers. Ordinarily, I’m not much for vibration patterns. I’ve got a wrist, so frankly, I can make my own, and I can time them perfectly. But the pulsations on the Touch are truly top notch – they’re fantastic for warming up and teasing. Of the 3 regular speeds, I tend to like to start on one, and work up to two, occasionally three if the orgasm is being difficult or I get a sudden weird image in my head that knocks my arousal down. (Does that happen to you?)

Because the Touch recharges magnetically, it’s completely waterproof. As far as magnetic chargers go, WeVibe is decent. I’m still not a fan of magnetic chargers because they can be easily dislodged, but I understand that they’re necessary to make something waterproof. I have to admit, when it comes to cleaning, I love waterproof toys. As with all of my silicone toys, I clean mine with hot water and fragrance-free dish soap

Final verdict: The only way that this toy could be better is if someone fed me a Chipotle chicken burrito bowl while I used it.

UPDATE: The We-Vibe Touch has been re-vamped and is unbelievably better than ever. Check out my new review!

Thank you, WeVibe!

Want a Touch of your own?