A few months back, before Sprintec took hold of my sex drive and squashed it like a bug, Bad Dragon offered me a custom dildo of my choice. Custom, you say? Just how custom? Pretty fuckin’ custom.

First, you get to choose the base toy, and I went with something from their insertable selection, of which they have a staggering 31. They also offer penetrable toys (including cock sheaths), experimental toys which haven’t necessarily made it into the permanent arsenal, and accessories. Since I have a dildo, we’ll restrict this review to focus on their insertables only.

I chose the Moko, which is based on a Liger. If you’re not familiar with Bad Dragon, their toys are very unique in that they rely heavily on fantasy. I’m not so much into the sexuality of anthropomorphism or fantasy creatures, but I was getting bored with human-penis-shaped toys. Oddly, Moko is one of the most human-like, but really appealed to me because of the way the shaft curves. I do so love a good curve.



As you can see, the Moko has a lovely set of testes. I’m not usually a fan of balls on dildos, but these are pretty innocuous and make it easier to grip. Plus, they aren’t veiny.

Your second customization choice is the size. Bad Dragon offers the Moko (and indeed most of their insertables) in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Mine is a small. Just let that sink in for a moment, if you’re not a size queen. That’s a Small. It’s 5″ of usable length (that’s length not including the balls), with a maximum diameter of 2″, while the head is 1.5″. It’s a very nice sized dildo, in my opinion. In case you’re curious, the Extra Large measures 10.25″ of usable length, with a maximum diameter of 4.25″ and a head diameter of 3.3″. I would be more likely to use the Extra Large as a weapon to defend myself against intruders than as a sex toy, but I’m guessing some people with orifices of immeasurable strength and fortitude could handle it.

Now we’ve come to my absolute favorite customization: Density of the silicone. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, I want this option for all  of my toys! I am a soft insertables fiend. Bad Dragon Soft is very soft, however – almost packer consistency. I went with their Medium density silicone, which has some nice give to it, and I would liken it to the outside layer of Tantus O2 or if you merged the two silicones used on Vixen Vixskin toys. In other words, it’s fucking perfect, and perfect for fucking. You can also get a split, with a harder silicone at the base and softer at the shaft and head, which makes for great stability.

Finally, I chose my favorite color. Bad Dragon is awesome in that you can actually choose your color from a hexadecimal chart. Not just “blue” or “pink” or “purple”, oh no. You have some real choices to make here, and some toys even have special options for different colors on different parts of the toy, or a color fade. THE CHOICES.

Beyond these, you can also choose whether or not to include a cumtube, which is pretty cool. Your toy will then come with a big syringe that you can fill with the liquid of your choice, and shoot it into your orifice. I thought I would use this feature more, but as it turns out, I should have opted against it, because I worry about being able to clean it thoroughly. C’est la vie.

In use, I loved the Moko. It’s definitely among my favorite insertable toys. The head has a very subtle ridge which, combined with the softness of the silicone, felt like a gentle G-spot massage. My partner and I used it together and found that it was an awesome warm up toy. I like that the softness of my Moko makes it easy to squeeze my PC muscles around it, which feels pretty great. The shape isn’t anything earth shattering, but it’s a reliable build. If you’re looking for something fantastical, check out their selection, because it’s quite diverse. They also have pre-made toys available, if you want something in your hands a little more quickly and aren’t picky about the color.

Overall, I give Bad Dragon’s creations an A+, 5 stars. You can really get exactly what you want, and why shouldn’t you?