10 Facts

I don’t usually participate in memes, but since I’ve been suffering from some crazy bloggers-block lately, I figured this might be a nice jump-start to a kickass holiday season of reinvigorated blogging. Plus, after reading Kaelah’s and Jes’s random facts, I felt like I knew them just a bit better, and who doesn’t enjoy that?

1. I keep trying to be a vegetarian, and I keep failing. Miserably. My husband is a vegetarian, and he has never, ever pressured me into the lifestyle. (He converted for health reasons, and currently maintains it for health and environmental factors.) I absolutely love the idea of living with less negative environmental impact, less cruelty, and less of that post-meat sluggishness. But I cannot seem to kick chicken or fish. I just try to eat a lot less of it.

2. I have had elective cosmetic surgery. …because I was born with a malformed foot. My left foot is a children’s size 11, and my right is a women’s 6. It’s not genetic, and it’s not due to anything my mother did while she was pregnant. Our best guess is that the umbilical cord got wrapped around my foot, cutting off circulation and forcing my toes together. I can’t move any of the toes on that foot, and I actually had two removed for cosmetic reasons. I can do every physical thing normally – the doctors I’ve seen have actually been amazed once they’ve seen me in person after hearing about my foot on paper/over the phone. Most of the time, I kind of forget!

3. When I was 3, I refused to respond to anything other than “Gaston” for about 2 months. I have no idea why this was. I’ve never had any inkling of being born the wrong sex, or even being genderfluid. But for two months, I watched Beauty and the Beast every day, and demanded to be called Gaston.

4. I unironically love Britney Spears and Ke$ha. For one entire summer, because I’m supremely lazy, I kept a mix in my car that was entirely Britney, Ke$ha, and older Lady Gaga (The Fame and The Fame Monster only – I’m a purist). There is absolutely nothing that can make me feel better than singing “Stronger” or “Oops, I Did it Again”, and nothing makes me laugh as much as “Cannibal”. I got to see Ke$ha once during college and spent the next week finding flecks of glitter in random places, including my scalp after 2 shampoos. It was worth it.

5. My two favorite things are cooking and not wearing pants. Unfortunately, this combination seems to make dinner guests uneasy.

6. I’d like to be somewhat heavily tattooed. Right now, I have two tattoos: one on my right bicep and one on my right hip. One means a lot to me, the other was done on a whim. Someday, I want both of my upper thighs done, to fill in the rest of my right upper arm, and possibly my chest. I would love to have knuckle tattoos, but I have no idea where I’m going professionally and I don’t want it to limit me (don’t worry, mother-in-law!). I’ve also always wanted a Harry Potter themed “tramp stamp”. Related: I’m a Slytherin.

7. I may have recently developed an interest in having children in the future. It’s still a long ways away, unless we have an oops, but it’s becoming more appealing to me. I definitely don’t believe that whole, “Once you meet the right person…” bullshit, but I admit that seeing my husband interact with our dog has set my ovaries on fire a handful of times. We’re lightyears away from being ready – we don’t even have our own place right now! – but it might happen eventually. Until then, I’m going to keep doting on the dog and reading about other bloggers’ kids.

8. My biggest pet peeve is when people segue from talking about the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the song of the same name. “Har har, I’ve never seen it, but I’ve heard the song! Does that count?” No, you smug asshat, it doesn’t count, and if I had a dollar for every time I heard that I could afford enough plastic surgery to look like Audrey Hepburn.

9. Lobster is my favorite food, and since I didn’t grow up in Maine, that basically makes me as WASPy as they come. For my 20th birthday, my boyfriend took me to dinner and I ordered what was essentially lobster stuffed with lobster. And I would do it again. Unfortunately, my husband is allergic to shellfish, and if I were to cook it in the house (which is super easy, by the way), the allergens would become airborne and he would need to be stabbed with an epi-pen.

10. I have a degree in Economics, but I don’t know that I’ll ever use the specialized knowledge part (the part where I got a BA has already been useful). I would love to go to law school, which is common for Econ grads, and actually did well on a practice LSAT that I took on a whim, but it’s not really feasible right now. Banking is one of the major areas in which Econ grads are employed, and I have absolutely no interest in joining them. For now, I write.

Please, share some random facts about yourself with me! If you do the meme too, link it in the comments!

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  • http://dangerouslilly.com Lilly

    I adore lobster. I wasn’t raised in a wealthy family, not at all, but the thing my parents spent money on growing up was vacations. The long sort, where you drive around the country. At least 3 times we went up the east coast and I got lobster-fied there. It’s just so much better being able to go to the “lobster pound” on the water’s edge, where they’ve caught it that morning and then cook it in sea water. My love for lobster went so far that I actually damn near bought this Amazon Local deal yesterday which was $200 voucher for $100 to spend at a Maine lobster online store. Yeah. I was going to buy overpriced lobster. Luckily their inability to combine a sale with the voucher snapped me out of it.
    Your husband’s reaction to it even being cooked is frightening. I freak out and try to over-control because of the gluten thing, but I won’t die because of it. I feel lucky now that I only get very sick for a few days :(

    I’ve also had mixed CDs with those ladies. I threw in a little Beyonce and Christina, too. OK FINE SOME OF THE SONGS ARE STILL ON MY CAR’S IPOD. FINE.

    • Sarah

      Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited that he’ll be out of town for a day next week: It’ll be shellfish time for me! Your family vacations sound awesome. Travel is so much more worthwhile than things.