I’m so sorry for my extended absence! I still have two toy reviews and one book review to write/publish, but I thought a wedding recap would be in slightly higher demand. 😉

Our wedding was on Saturday August 10th, which also happens to be my parents’ anniversary. It was outside, and we were so lucky to have beautiful weather! I believe it was 75 and partly sunny all day. (Thanks, Pittsburgh!)

The Quaker-style ceremony was beautiful, and I pretty much cried the entire time. I also totally forgot that I even had a bouquet. Dmitri only sort of botched the ring bearer job, and Daphne barked only once – during a lull in the time meant for sharing. About 50% of the guests responded with “Amen!” when Steve’s sister closed the ceremony with the words of Ru Paul.

We’re waiting for the official wedding and engagement photos, but as soon as I have them, I’ll be making a pro-photo post with all kinds of beautiful images. I’m really lucky to have a good friend from high school who grew into a talented photographer! For now, I’ll be relying on my friends’ and family’s Instagram snaps.



I’ve been friends with these girls for around 15 years. As you can see, they’re very supportive.

The dress was from Modcloth, and underneath, I wore the same corset that my mother wore on her wedding day. Unfortunately, this meant that I couldn’t breathe. Which led to me changing into my reception apparel after almost choking on homemade sangria.

After my introvert ass had enough of all the (lovely) people milling around, my ~husband~ and I left for our wedding night surprise at around 10pm. It. Was. INCREDIBLE. My mum – with the help of one of my best friends from elementary school – booked us a suite at the Fairmont hotel, where we celebrated like either kings or rap stars. I mean, we drank champagne in the shower. One entire wall was a window. And everything was chocolate.

My good friend Alicia (third from the right in photo #1), who’s made a few appearances on this blog, was the mastermind behind the suite’s – ah hem – creative decorating that night.



And the next morning, after saying goodbye to my new in-laws, we left for Canada. I’d never been outside the country before, so we took off for Toronto, where we’d made reservations via Air B ‘n B.



One of my absolute favorite highlights of the trip include our first dinner in Toronto, at the Grand Electric. If you’re ever in the Parkdale neighborhood, GO. Their tacos are incredible! The drink prices are high, but from what I saw, about what you’d expect in TO. (In Pittsburgh, if you tried to charge me $8 for a standard lager, I’d take your head off.)



The next day, we did some window shopping, met the lovely folks at Good for Her, and did some more mulling about. It was a good day, but by far, my favorite day of our trip was Tuesday, when we went to the beach Centre Island…



Then headed to Come As You Are, where I pretty much wanted to move in and befriend all the staff. I told Steve while we were there, a good sex shop is like my personal spiritual home. Like I can walk in, exhale, and ahhhh… Relaxation and rejuvenation. And dildos. Lots of dildos. And, as I got very excited about and squealed with one of the proprietors, MAPLE FLAVORED CONDOMS! (Which sadly didn’t have that much maple flavor but did smell yummy.)

We’re back in Pittsburgh for now, husband and wife. One week from today, though, we’re heading to Philly, where I’ll be meeting the lovely Caitlin of Sexational!