A few months ago, the folks at Ammo were gracious enough to send me the beautiful Mika dual-action vibrator for review. I’ve had three dual-action toys in the past, but all were jelly, and I wanted to see what I thought of their take on the classic design.

First, a primer on dual-action toys: Arguably, the most famous dual-action stimulator is a general design known as the Rabbit, partly popularized by that iconic Sex and the City episode. But not every dual-action toy has a rabbit ear clitoral stimulator. In fact, any toy designed to stimulate the internal and external genitalia is considered dual-action, or dual-stimulating. There are all kinds of designs on the market today, from the classic Rabbits to the Lelo Ina. I generally dislike rabbits because the vast majority of them are made of unsafe materials, but I was stoked to have the chance to try a body-safe version.

It’s clear that some awesome craftsmanship went into the making of Mika. The silicone is soft, smooth, and has very little drag. If I had to compare it to another silicone on the market, I would say it’s a bit like Lelo’s. I did flame test it and smell it, and I am confident in saying that it’s pure. The Mika comes in four colors: green, purple, blue, and pink, which is a pretty good assortment in my opinion. I received a pink one, and I have to say, I love the color. Both the vaginal and the clitoral arms of the toy are coated in this soft, smooth colored silicone, and the underside of the base of the toy is made of white ABS plastic. The toy has a very nice, streamlined look to it, though my partner refers to it as “the ray gun” and has pretended to shoot me with it on several occasions while shouting, “PEW PEW!” We have a very mature relationship.

The toy has three motors, one in each of the arms (vaginal and clitoral) and one in the base. The controls are designed such that you can control the two arm motors separately from the base motor, but you cannot use all three at once. From what I gather, the intent behind the handle motor is so that you can use it as a massager as well as a vibrator. A nice feature, but it’s not one that’s particularly important to me. I have my Mystic wand for that, which is much stronger. On the handle, you’ll find two metal dots, which magnetically connect to the wall charger included with Mika. I love this charging method because it waterproofs the toy, but I have to say, it’s too easy to knock the toy off its charging cable. That’s a bit of a first world problem complaint, but someone has to say it.

When it comes to strength of vibration, the Mika is decent. Its materials (ABS plastic and silicone) make it easy for the toy to transfer vibrations, which is appreciated. I’m confused by what Ammo calls its Skin Sensor Technology, which is supposed to turn on its three motors when the vibrator touches skin. I have no way to test if theres a difference when my skin isn’t touching the vibe. (If you can think of a way, please let me know.) Mika has 3 straight vibration strengths, with the first being about a 2, the second a 4, and the third a 6 on a 1-10 intensity scale. There are an impressive 7 vibration patterns to choose from, all of which have an intensity ranging from 3-6. I’ve noticed that a lot of companies tend to make their patterns high-intensity only, and I wonder why that is. In terms of volume, the Mika isn’t quite whisper quiet, but it would be very easy to drown out by using it under the covers while in bed, or playing your favorite Prince album.

Now, having gone over all of this, I would have thought that I would have been absolutely over the moon for Mika. On paper, it sounds like a nearly perfect toy for me. Dual-stim, silicone/ABS plastic, rechargeable, simple controls. Unfortunately, it’s completely the wrong shape for my body.

As I alluded to earlier, Mika was made to be used vaginally and clitorally. The shaft is 1.6″ in diameter and very hard, which was my first problem with the toy. My vagina is notoriously small, which means that I have to use a warm up toy before I can get Mika to fit. Then comes the next problem – the clitoral arm just doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t even come close to making contact with my clitoris. If your clit is an inch or more away from your vaginal entrance, I think this toy might work quite well for you. For me, it missed the mark completely. If I were into anal vibration, I could have turned Mika around and let the clitoral arm vibrate against my bum, but frankly, anal vibrations make me laugh uncontrollably so that wasn’t going to happen.

I tried using the vaginal shaft clitorally, but I found myself reaching for one of my stronger, smaller, pinpoint clitoral vibes again and again. During my testing period, I had only one orgasm with this toy. My body and Mika simply do not get along.

I’m really sad to say that this toy just didn’t work for me. It’s very pretty, nicely made, and thoughtfully designed. I really appreciate the chance to try it out. Thank you, Ammo!