Entirely too long ago, I received the LoveHoney Flash, an awesome little USB rechargeable vibrator. At the time, I was skeptical. You see, I’m a Lelo Mia devotee, and I wasn’t sure than anything could compete.

I was wrong.

The LoveHoney flash is a plain looking clitoral vibe. At first glance, it doesn’t look like anything special. The finger-like silicone tip is soft and flexible with a bit of drag to it, kind of like Fun Factory silicone. The rest of the body is much more firm and made of either ABS plastic or a slightly smoother silicone. Either way, this vibe is definitely body-friendly.

What I really love about the Flash is that, like my beloved Mia, it charges via USB. (Hence, Flash.) The vibe pulls apart just under the inch-thick silver seam emblazoned with the (adorable) LoveHoney logo to reveal the USB plug, nicely nestled in a waterproof seal.

The Flash has 4 speeds and 3 vibration patterns. Like most good designs, the Flash goes from lowest to highest vibration, then to its patterns. It actually took me a couple of cycles to determine that the first pattern was, in fact, a pattern. It’s a very, very rapid and intense pulsation. In fact, it’s the first pattern I’ve ever felt was worthwhile on any toy. Normally, they space the vibrations too far apart for me, but this was simply perfect.

When compared to my Mia (which is technically the second generation, but not the Mia 2), I found that the Flash was stronger but also buzzier. (I couldn’t quite put my finger on how the vibrations differed until Caitlin described it as a bit buzzy. Thanks, friend!) I found it very easy to have an orgasm using the Flash, even on the first setting. The softness of the head of the vibe combined with its finger-like shape makes for the perfect pin-point stimulation for me personally: right on target, but not overwhelmingly strong. If I had to place its vibration strength on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being some cheap PVC Doc Johnson mini vibe and 10 being the Vibratex Mystic Wand, the LoveHoney Flash would be a solid 6.5.

In theory, this would be an amazing vibe to use during sex. Being quite finger-like, it should fit comfortably between bodies in a variety of positions. I tried it once, and the vibrations made my partner laugh entirely too much to continue with le sexytiemz.

Frankly, I think the LoveHoney Flash is one of the best rechargeable clitoral vibes I’ve come across. For $45, you’re getting a strong, multispeed, multi patterned, silicone vibe that’s neither particularly loud nor hard to store.¬†Power Queens may not be completely satisfied with the Flash, but if you’re coming from the world of $20 novelties, I think you’ll be quite pleased.

Thank you, LoveHoney!

Meet the new Flash USB Rechargeable Mini Vibrator from Lovehoney!