A few months ago, I was approached by the iGino team to review their iGino One. I think it’s awesome that people are taking vibrator design into their own hands, especially women. What makes the iGino One different?

They call the technology that powers the toy “vibraMoove”, which as far as I can tell means that the head of the toy both vibrates and actually moves. Before I get ahead of myself, here’s a picture of the toy itself, propped against my 13″ MacBook:


As many other people have noticed, it looks a hell of a lot like a smart phone. It’s meant to be discreet, but personally, I think it draws a lot of attention. At 4″ tall and 2″ wide, it’s certainly not big by any means, but it’s also not even close to the smallest of rechargeable clitoral vibes. The white and hot pink design isn’t exactly subtle, and kind of reminds me of Barbie accessories. On the plus side, I do absolutely love that you can snap the cover on to protect your iGino One; the cover ensures that if you keep your iGino clean, it’ll be ready when you are.

But how does it work? The head of the iGino One moves back and forth while also vibrating. The back and forth movement reminds me of quick tongue-flicking, if tongues were made out of hard plastic. The vibrations and the movement are actually pretty awesome, if a little bit strong. Because the iGino One has only one speed setting, there is no warm up. It goes right to mimicking jackhammer oral sex. They do include a spongy attachment called a SkinTouch head, meant to muffle the vibrations for those who are particularly sensitive, but something about the material doesn’t appeal to me.

Speaking of jackhammers… I have never had such a hard time focusing on getting off. Ever. It’s not Hitachi loud, but it’s louder than all of my preferred clitoral vibes. I’m assuming it’s so loud because the entire thing is made of hard plastic, but it could just be the nature of the vibraMoove technology. Either way, it’s a mood killer. I did get off, but it was a struggle to ignore the loud whirrrr of the iGino One.

Over all, the iGino One is a mixed bag. I like the feel of the vibraMoove technology, and I like the nubby head since it allows for easy pin-point action. Rechargeable vibes, especially ones with their own USB plug built right in, are 100% my jam. However, the square, iPhone-like case makes it a little awkward to hold, and frankly I’m disappointed that it only has 1 speed. At $99 retail, I think some kinks should be ironed out before hitting the market.

The iGino One comes with a nice storage pouch, a USB cable, an EU to US adaptor, and the Skin Touch head.

If you’d like to contribute to the iGino fundraising project, you can find it here.

Thanks iGino team!