Before CatalystCon, I was lamenting to Sandra of SheVibe that I could not manage to have a G-spot orgasm. I love using my Vixen Creations Mustang in tandem with some of my favorite clitoral vibes, but pure G-spot satisfaction had eluded me.  I couldn’t do it during sex or alone, and I’ve been reviewing toys for almost a year and a half now.

Enter, Marc Dorcel.  I received a So Silicone Dildo and an Expert G Vibrator, both pink and both 100% silicone. Piph may not be a pink fan, but I have to say, I love the hue Dorcel chose for these toys.  It’s the kind of pink I’d want my hair to be if I thought I could pull it off. Both toys are absolutely 100% silicone, because as I am wont to do, I lit them on fire with a Bic, with stunning results: Ash, but no change to the materials otherwise. A++ for quality!  I do find the silicone a bit more matte than I like, but not nearly as grabby as WeVibe’s silicone. For either toy, water-based lube is a must (I used Good Clean Love and Sliquid Sassy).

Before we go any further, we need to have a quick discussion about dildos.  I know a lot of toy novices look at dildos and wonder, “WHY?” We need to get one thing straight right now: It doesn’t have to vibrate to feel awesome. Your vagina (or anus) has tons of nerve endings, and vibration is only one of many sensations that can feel pleasurable.  Some people don’t enjoy internal vibration because it’s either too much for them or it just doesn’t do the trick.  A well constructed, and especially a nicely textured, dildo can be fantastic addition to your toy box.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get more specific.  I absolutely love the design of the Marc Dorcel So Dildo at first glance.  It’s beautiful, and the dual-ended design makes it easy to hold onto from either end.  Unfortunately, it’s also very flexible, which makes it difficult to really pinpoint the G-spot as well as I would like to.  I tried using the smaller end to stroke my G-spot, but the mega-flexible neck made it impossible to get the pressure I needed. The larger end is just too much for me.

If I were to improve the So Dildo, I would suggest making it dual-density.  I realize that this would raise the price but I think it would be worth it, especially if the beautiful shape were retained.  By making the core of the dildo more firm, it would be much easier to actually stroke the G-spot and provide the necessary pressure.

On the other hand, the Expert G Vibrator was a home run. It is multi-speed, complete with patterns, but like most of my toys, I actually only used it on the first and second constant-vibe settings. What can I say? My vagina is a lightweight. The Expert G’s head is just bulbous enough to be perfect for the G-spot, but not so large that it’s uncomfortable.  The egg-on-a-stick design is very popular for G-spot toys, but this one is executed particularly well because the shaft is not much thinner than the bulbed head. So instead of getting great G-spot stimulation but feeling awkwardly empty otherwise, the Expert G gives your vaginal walls something to clench against during orgasm. And if my usage is any indication, you will orgasm. I did, even without clitoral stimulation, and it was phenomenal.

Thanks so much, SheVibe!

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