Today, I’m going to take you on a journey.  Back, back… back to when the pop charts first introduced us to “Rolling In the Deep”.  When many of us were surprised by how much we either loved or hated Bridesmaids (loved, mostly).

Summer 2011.  I had just finished my sophomore year and broken up with that year’s boyfriend.  In truth, it had been over for a solid 3 months before we finally axed the whole thing.  I felt I had gotten into the relationship before I even knew if we were compatible.  Until the dissolution of our relationship, my relationships always followed the same formula: Meet guy, start talking to guy (and don’t talk to any other guys), get serious.  So I headed into summer wanting to learn how to date.

Joining OKCupid was one of the first things I did after I unpacked my dorm room and moved back in with my parents for the summer.  Seriously, I was not wasting time.  In fact, during my first day online, I set up and attended my first OKCupid date.  Which was a total disaster.  But you know what? After that particular baptism by fire, it got pretty fun.

I wanted to learn how to decide if I was compatible with someone before getting emotionally invested.  I was tired of 3-10 month relationships where you spend half the time fighting and trying to convince yourself that there’s some reason you’re still together.  What I really wanted was to meet a lot of guys, hone my taste, and learn how to decipher real compatibility.  The four months that I spent dating left me with invaluable insight, both into dating as a practice and myself.

I’d really like to talk more about online dating strategies and experiences.  This blog is devoted to sex and relationships, but a crucial part of that is simply meeting the right person.

Do my readers have any topics you’d like me to cover?  Did you know that I offer online dating consulting services, including profile assistance?