Earlier this year, Vixen Creations was kind enough to send me the VixSkin dildo of my choice. Since I’m quite the opposite of a size queen, but wanted something I wouldn’t grow out of, I went with the special Tie Bright edition of their best selling VixSkin Mustang.

Tantus Raptor Vixen VixSkin MustangLeft: Tantus Raptor, Right: Vixen Mustang. Look at that curve!

The Mustang measures 6 1/2″ long, and is 1 5/8″ in diameter at its widest point. It’s a realistic dildo, and because of the VixSkin material, might be the most realistic one on the market. It has subtle veins, a lovely pronounced head, and what looks like a foreskin ridge about 1/2″ under the head. I love that the toy is textured realistically, but it’s done with such attention to detail. If they used a penis model, I have to find that person and shake their hand.

VixSkin, you say?

VixSkin is very special because it’s actually dual-density silicone. The inner core of the dildo is firm, while the outer core is soft and plushy. The vast majority of dildos that I’ve come across are rather stiff and unyielding, which can be awesome for G-spotting but makes toys of a certain size potentially difficult to take. The outer layer of plushy silicone has a lot of grab to it, so I definitely recommend using a good water-based lube. I did flame test the silicone, and it passed with flying colors, meaning this toy is 100% non-porous and body safe.

How does the VixSkin Mustang feel?

As for use, I really love using the Mustang when I’m also using a clitoral vibe. Being able to clench around it really helps prolong my orgasm. The squish of the outer silicone makes it easy to insert, and the pronounced head gives me a little bit of G-spot stimulation. It’s not a toy that I can use by itself to bring me to orgasm, but it absolutely makes a difference when I use it in combination with a good clitoral vibe.

My partner and I don’t usually use the Mustang together, on me or on him. For couples who like to use strap on harnesses, the Mustang would be an awesome choice, as it does come with a nice sturdy base.

If you’re looking for something realistic, body safe, and beautifully crafted, seriously consider something from the VixSkin line! You can purchase their products either from their Website or from SheVibe.

Thanks, Vixen Creations!