Because 2013 has really taken off for me, you’re going to be seeing a LOT more toy reviews! I’m so lucky to be working with some amazing companies, and one of them is Vibratex.

Fun fact: Vibratex made the Rabbit that was featured in the iconic Sex and the City episode, in which Miranda (not Samantha) introduces the ladies to their new dual-action friend. I actually hate rabbits, and that’s neither here nor there. What we’re talking about today is not a rabbit, but the Mystic Wand.

If you’re familiar with the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Mystic Wand shape is already familiar to you. It has a 6″ long handle that’s easy to grip and comes in either pink or black. Where the Mystic Wand really sets itself apart from the Hitachi is its materials. The head of the Mystic Wand is made out of silicone, and has a lovely smooth texture. Usually, I prefer rechargeable toys, because I just don’t have my shit together enough to keep batteries on hand. However, I love that the Mystic Wand takes 4 AA batteries – usually, to find power like the kind it provides, you have to use plug-in toys. Plus, you get 3 speeds and 3 vibration patterns, instead of the Hitachi’s 2 speeds.

Right off the bat, I was amazed by the power. Speed 1 is rumbly, you can actually feel the head of the vibrator shake. Speeds 2 and 3 are noticeably stronger, and actually proved to be too much for me. I’m not big on vibration patterns, but the Mystic Wand comes with 3. Not too shabby at all.

Now, unfortunately, I’ve discovered that I absolutely need pinpoint clitoral vibration. The strength of the Mystic Wand cannot be beat by any of my smaller vibes, but the shape just doesn’t work for my body. I actually find that the strength of the vibrations when they’re spread out across the vulva to be a little distracting. I tried several different hand grips trying to make pinpoint contact with my clit to no avail.

However, I still would recommend this toy if you fit any of these descriptions: If you like to be able to feel vibrations in your labia. If you need a toy that packs one hell of a punch. If you’re a Hitachi devotee and you want something smaller, easier to travel with, or less restrictive. If you have used/currently use massager-style, non-pinpoint vibrators with orgasmic success.

If the Mystic Wand sounds like it might fit your bill, you can purchase one from SheVibe for $49.99.

Thanks so much, Vibratex!