This isn’t part of a link-up or a meme, but rather something I’m hoping to make a semi-regular (read: every few months) feature.

I’m looking for your questions about:

Toys and lubes.

Personal health care (testing, best lube/lotion/potion for ___, bath & beauty).

Porn, including porn and relationships.

Relationships and dating.

Mental health and sexuality.


I don’t want to focus this on me.  I want this to be about you.  What do you want to know?  If you raise a big enough question, or if the answer would be too long, I’ll likely turn it into a feature-length post.  And if no one asks questions, this is going to be embarrassing, so get cracking.  Feel free to submit anonymously.


To submit a question:

Tweet at me!

E-mail me!

or just comment!