After hitting my all-time pageviews high last week, the pressure is on!  I actually went through my Bloglovin’ feed this week with the express purpose of putting together a solid Lazy Sunday post.  Last night I celebrated two friends’ birthdays just a little too hard, so I’m extra glad I prepared ahead of time.  (Related: I should seriously consider becoming a Wendy’s shareholder.)

& I’m really excited for Shannyn’s eBook on being a Rockstar Blogger!  If you’re not yet familiar with Shannyn, she’s the mind behind Frugal Beautiful, one of my favorite blogs.  She’s also a successful small-business owner and wants to share her knowledge with you.  And she has a pug, which is 100% relevant.

& Kaelah admits that she needs a little help in the efficiency department.  Do you have any tips, or do you share her plight?  Personally, my room looks like a tornado hit, so I’m not qualified to be doling out wisdom.

& Conversely, Allison Lehman was killin’ it this week in organization.  First, she shared the contents of her makeup bag; makeup bag posts always work me into a tizzy.  Then, she shared an extremely valuable look into her small business tools, since she’s been ballin’ for herself since 2010.

& Sarah from SillyGrrl wants to share the Basic HTML Every Blogger Should Know.  As someone currently in a class for basic design, I’m digging this post.

& I think I link to The Beauty Department every single week, but really, if they’d just stop posting great stuff I could stop linking to it.  Blame them.  Or go check out the new tutorial on using blush as eyeshadow, which looks so Winona Ryder chic.  (If you don’t think Winona got it goin’ on, I don’t know that we can be friends.)

If you’re in a similar position to me right now, I suggest you get yourself some water and some diner food, because it’s going to be a long day.