I really want to know: What’s on your wishlist?

Since starting my job at Adam & Eve Pittsburgh, I’ve added a fair few items to my personal arsenal of all things fun: the Lelo Mia, Sportsheets Cuffs and Tethers, the Sportsheets Doggie Style Strap, the WeVibe II, a decent non-vibing cockring, Lelo Ella… You get the point.

But still, it’s like a search for the Holy Grail, and I have to expand my collection.  I’m not a voracious clothes shopper.  I still have the same iPod I’ve had since my 17th birthday (much love to the 2nd gen Nanos).  But if there’s one category in which I just can’t help myself, it’s sex toys.  For me, for us, for him… In fact, I’ve been trying to convince the manfriend that he needs a Fleshlight, but he’s just not on board.  So what do I want to add to the collection?

1. Sqweel 2:  Nothing is as simultaneously as bizarre and potentially erotic as a wheel of tongues.  I mean, when you put it that way, it sounds disgusting, but bear with me here.  The Sqweel 2 is an improvement over the original design in that it features 30% more power and reversible mode.  It’s just so… different.

2. VixSkin Spur: I’ve been dying to get my little hands on a VixSkin dildo after feeling Randy at Sugar The Shop, but I’m a tiny girl.  The Spur is realistically shaped, with a nice looking g-spot or p-spot curve.  After my little run in with Raptor, I’ve come to realize that I need to set my sights a little bit thinner.

3. Vibratex Mystic Wand: Ooh, a wand-style vibrator that doesn’t weigh as much as I do?  With a head made of real silicone?  That’s supposedly not as loud as the people outside my house with a jackhammer at 8am?  Sign me the hell up.

4. Liberator Wedge: While more of a position assister than a sex toy, I can’t keep myself away from the idea of having my very own (purple) Liberator Wedge.  Boringly, my favorite position is a modification of missionary, with my legs at crazy angles because I’m secretly part circus performer.  This usually is achieved with 2 pillows under my butt.  The problem with pillows is that I put my face on them for approximately 8 hours a day.  Ergo, the Liberator Wedge.