Most people think it’s just because I’m grumpy and like to be able to sit down whenever I please.  And while they are correct, there is a much more reasonable explanation: I accidentally Carrie Bradshawed my way through Pittsburgh, so large gatherings of 20-something hipsters aren’t a safe place for me.

Last night, Steve took me to see the Dirty Projectors.  They were fantastic, and I’d actually never heard of them before because my boyfriend is way more of a hipster than I am.  As a quick little interlude about the band, I will tell you that the female vocalist is amazing and I wish she could sing me to sleep on the regular.

Obviously, this post is less about the band and more about my poor life choices that led me to this place.  Last summer, I spent four months casually dating. In the first ten minutes after we walked in the door, I ran into two guys that I’ve dated.  One was only one or two dates, and we’re friendly acquaintances, and the other was my ex-boyfriend of nine months (with whom I got back together for a very short period last September).  I introduced them both to Steve, and they were both very friendly.  Despite their friendliness, I couldn’t help feeling awkward.  In big crowds, I like to have some sense of anonymity.

Really, does anyone like to be reminded of their past dating exploits?  Shows where I’m not familiar with the band always remind me of my high school boyfriend and his tendency to make me come to shows with him and his friends and then completely ignore me.  I step into a room where an unfamiliar band is going to be playing and instantly feel awkward.

Steve handled it like I figured he would: didn’t bat an eye, shook their hands, bought me a rum & coke.  He held my hand and when I apologized for running into those guys, he looked puzzled because allegedly, I had nothing to apologize for.  He’s a champ, that one.