Happy Monday, Darlings. (Oxymoron?)

In working at Adam & Eve Pittsburgh, I’ve discovered many things, from how to choose a great lube to how to foster a productive coworker relationship.  I have also discovered that I am a little bit of a toy snob.

My first toys came from Pure Romance.  I ordered the Standing O, the fetish tape, and Pure Silk lubricant.  At that time, I knew literally nothing about toys.  Not a damn thing.  That was last August (2011).

Fast forward to February 2012.  I’d just split with someone and was feeling a little pity-party on Valentine’s Day, so I ordered myself a Je Joue Mimi.  That little pebble was a game changer.  Silicone, rechargeable, totally waterproof, beautiful keepsake box… Mimi makes me feel glamorous.  Mimi also does a killer job with clit stimulation, which is what really counts.  At full retail price, Mimi costs $90.  (You can find the updated version at SheVibe.)

After my first tryst with my Mimi, I have to admit – I have a hard time justifying shelling out for anything less than luxe.  If it’s not silicone, glass, or something equally clean and smooth, I’m probably not terribly interested.  How can a girl be expected to downgrade after she’s had quiet, strong vibrations coming from an aesthetically appealing, rechargeable vessel?  She just can’t.

I still enjoy my TPR/TPS and bullet-style vibes.  I still bring my Thumbs Up out for a romp.  There’s a time and a place for my warming flavored lube that’s full of glycerin and parabens.  That time and place is blowjobs.  But when I’m adding to my collection, I’d rather save for a Lelo, a Je Joue, a Vixen Creations dildo (I’m drooling), or another glass piece than stock up on battery-op toys that just don’t have the same oomph.

…all of that having been said, you bet your ass I’ll continue to review all manner of toys, searching for anything to prove me wrong.


Look for a post later this week about the breakdown of my toy box and its contents.