Straight Girl at a Strip Club: My Friday Night

Hi darlings!

I’ll cut right to the chase: last night, I went to my local neighborhood strip club.  By myself.  At 11pm.  Why?  I’d never been to one before!  I asked the man friend about going sometime in the near future and he wasn’t terribly interested (he’s a bit on the shy side); he’s in New York right now anyway.  Happily, the club is about a three minute walk from my apartment, so I stuffed some singles in my clutch and off I went!

I really didn’t know what to expect.  We have dancers who come into A&E, and I sometimes help them pick out shoes, dancewear, and garters.  And of course I’d seen strip clubs in movies and on tv.   Well, to be honest they’re not that different in person.  I was the only 20 something girl there alone who wasn’t dancing on stage.

Since I’m kind of a “go big or go home” gal, I grabbed a drink and sat in one of the chairs directly in front of the stage.  (I managed to snag one in front of a pole – score!)  I had just gotten there as one girl started her routine.  Honestly, she was impressive, and I say that as a girl who appreciates female form but doesn’t find women sexually attractive.  What she could do on the pole was seriously a display of beauty and serious strength training.  And she could move her butt cheeks independently in several directions!

It seemed like the girls liked having another girl to dance for.  We made small talk – one of the girls even recognized me from a local eatery where she works her day job – and introduced ourselves.  I tipped them, of course.  All told, I dropped about $10 between my non-alcoholic drink and tipping the two girls I saw – not bad for a half hour’s risque entertainment.

Truthfully, the only troubling thing about the experience was when one of the young guys watching my new dancer friends wold-whistled and called her “bitch.”  I was about ready to spill a drink in his general direction, but she just continued to dance for another group of men and women (quite a few couples, actually!) and ignore him.

I’m not sure if or when I’ll be back, with or without the boyfriend in tow, but it was a really fantastic experience.


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