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    Er, you had me at “undies and pasties.”

    Also, Hi.


  • I never really was able to “save” money in college but I was able to live well & not go into any credit card debt (I still have a hefty student loan to pay off but that went towards tuition etc.) My tricks:

    – Do not go shopping with a credit card! Only use it for absolute emergencies, like if you need to purchase a plane ticket to come home (and pay it off with cash right away if possible.) FYI. that new pair of shoes or jeans is not an emergency. 😉

    -Work somewhere you get a wage + tips like a restaurant or a bar. In 3rd year I worked at an upscale nightclub as a coat check girl. I made an hourly wage + about $100/night in tips. I’d usually work 1 or 2 nights a week and use my tip money for groceries & daily expenses throughout the week. My paychecks would immediately be deposited into my savings account. One of my BFFs still work at the same club on the weekends (even though she has a well paying day job in marketing) & she’s been able to save enough money for a down payment on a house + investments.

    -If you do have the urge to shop, try shopping vintage or thrift! When I was in college, I’d always find cool stuff in my hometown’s thrift store that would help “stretch” my wardrobe throughout the school year. I’d also sell pieces I no longer wore at a local consignment store (I still do both!)

    -FYI. Another friend of mine has put herself through college by selling her eggs. I don’t think it’s ever something I could do but it works for her because she sees it as helping other people. It’s not for everyone but it is very lucrative.

    • admin

      I wish I had valuable eggs! I’m a genetic disaster. 😛

      Good tips! I love thrifting, and clothes swaps with friends are great, too. I always leave with an armful of things and it’s totally free! I loved getting tips at the cafe, but the tips never amounted to more than $20. I’m able to “save” a little bit right now, so I’m taking full advantage of that, as I know it definitely won’t last long haha.