Lazy Sunday Abraham Linkin’

Heh.  Heheheh.

Is anyone else excited for:

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter  ?!

Well, if you’re not, that’s ok.  You probably just have better taste than I do.  Which, frankly, isn’t difficult because I download Pretty Little Liars every week and sing “Call Me Maybe” with great gusto in the car.

Time for more links of substance!  …and funsies.

Why You Need to Go the Eff to Sleep, a guest post on Yes & Yes by Liz of Being Geeky Chic, is very true!  As my bff Alicia and I are both old ladies who sleep from like 12 or 1 to 8 or 9, we whole heartedly agree.  Except for this morning, when I woke up at 10 because I’m a wild child sometimes.

Keiko Lynn’s post on Sole Society is both beautiful and informative.  I’m definitely going to check them out and keep an eye open around fall when they will undoubtedly launch some booties.  If you love shoes but hate department store prices, you need to get on this, stat.

& How to Be a (Perfect) Girl: Jezebel is probably one of my favorite sites for feminist humor, news, and opinions.  (Ok, you can kind of make fun of me for getting news from Jezebel, that’s fine.)

&  Sarah of wrote a clear, concise, and practical little guide to saving money in fairly painless ways.  As someone looking to beef up her savings account, I can really get on board with this!

What are you loving this Sunday?  Anything you’re excited about in the week ahead?


  • Alicia

    1-9??! Ha, that’s funny… try like 10-6 lol. 11-7 on weekends when i’m real crazy.

  • Wow, I can’t believe people really sleep as it’s adviced. My sleep routine during the academic year is usually… 3-7 and on weekends… whoah, better don’t ask! 11pm-11am? 😀 hopefully I’ll make up for this during vacation. Sleeping is the best thing 😉

    • admin

      Hahahah right? I only sleep what’s prescribed because right now, I literally can’t function with less than 6 hours. I actually need to have my thyroid levels checked (hypothyroidism is a biiiitch) but c’est la vie. So for how long/when does your academic year run, Kasia? You’re currently in school, right?

  • Alicia

    Note: I don’t have much of a choice of when I wake up… I have a job where I start at 630am most days. So unless I want to be a complete zombie at work, I really cannot stay up late. And then after getting really used to this schedule over several months, it’s really difficult for me to screw it all up by staying/waking up late on weekends.. it makes me just feel so groggy all day, so I try to basically stick to the same schedule so I feel better & more awake all the time:) Plus, I’ve discovered I actually really like mornings haha. It’s quiet, I can get a lot of things done with minimal distractions, I can take time to cook myself a good breakfast, etc. I always feel a zillion times better and more awake now than I did during my undergrad years of ridiculous sleeping hours!