Hippie… Dippy?

Hola!  Not to be confused with “holla.”  I’m not that cool.

So, I’ve been shopping basically nonstop at Trader Joe’s.  My roommate Matt likes to turn this into a joke about treason, but he makes dad jokes a lot so we can just ignore him.

What has this lead to?  Well besides me spending like $50-70 a week on groceries because I see approximately 8,000,000 unnecessary items that I’m ~dying to try (like gluten free ginger snaps, ginger carrot bran muffins, and chai latte mix)… it’s lead to an obsession with natural products.  (This has intersected oddly with everything I’ve been learning at work about natural lubricants! [Oh my god use all the parentheses!])

Guess what I purchased today.  Have you guessed yet?  Probably not, because you don’t give a rat’s rear end what I purchase at the grocery store.  But I digress.

…I bought Trader Joe’s brand natural face wash with tea tree oil and Trader Joe’s brand unscented natural deodorant!  Because I’m in an exclusive relationship so I can afford to experiment with my hygiene!

But back to the lube.  Have you heard of the controversy regarding parabens and glycerine?  Women’s health experts advise against using products with either of these, or rather, advise that women be aware of their effects.  Parabens have been linked to cancer, and glycerine is a form of sugar which tends to feed and encourage yeast growth.  So, to break it down, you worry about your exposure to parabens in the long run and your exposure to glycerin in the short run.  Want to avoid both?  Try Intimate Organics (Hydra or Defense are the best) or Sliquid Organics.  The ingredients are pretty simple and lack parabens and glycerine.  Most of the organic lubricants on the market are a bit more expensive than the traditional ones, but if it’s worth it to you, you should absolutely give them a try.  I’ll be writing more on this topic later once I get the chance to try more.

How do you feel about natural skincare and bodycare?  Have you tried any natural products?  Love them, hate them – the good, the bad, the ugly?

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