What do you want?

No, really, do you?  I don’t mean vaguely.  We all want to be happy, successful, and all around awesome.  But how or in what way do you want to be those things?  Do you want to be an awesome banker?  A successful hairstylist?  In a happy couple?

Grab a notebook or a piece of paper.  No, not your phone.  You’re writing this shit down.  Now grab a pen, because pen means commitment.

I want you to write down one specific goal that you have for yourself.  It can be anything.  I will not laugh at you if you want to meet your Mr. or Ms. Right.  That can be a perfectly happy goal.  I will not laugh at you if you want to be able to make super complex balloon animals.  Want to bake like Martha Stewart?  Write it the eff down!

Now, I want you to think.  Think about yourself in that situation.  What does it look like?  Write a couple of sentences about what your goal means to you, about how you would describe your successful accomplishment of that goal.  What does your goal look like, fully realized?  (Ex: “I’m able to make a balloon rhinoceros that’s six feet long!” or “My partner and I are out to dinner, holding hands.  We go home and watch Hitchcock movies.  I feel safe and comfortable.”)

Where are you right now on your path to that goal?  Can you blow up a balloon but not twist it into anything?  Are you on the dating market?  Are you working as a bank teller when you really want to be a branch manager?  Are you in school for finance, waiting to get your chance on Wall Street?  (Don’t worry, I won’t occupy your goals.)  Write it down!

Now, just think.  Think about how you can really, honestly go from point A to point B.  Are you already taking steps?  If not, why not?  Are you scared?  Is it expensive?  Are you overwhelmed, overworked?  No matter where you are on your path to your goal, you can always take even the tiniest step forward.  Commit to taking a step, and write it down.

What’s that step?  For me, for my goal, it was to take a job in a store that’s similar – but not exactly like – the one I want to open someday.  My dream boutique.  For you, it might be smaller, or it might be bigger.  But guaranteed, even if it’s as small as reading a couple of articles to just learn more about what you want, you can take a step today.  You can even take another one tomorrow!  Just focus, step by step.  Put as much as you can into each step.

If you know what you want but you don’t know how to get it… someone does!  Someone out there in the great big universe has had a similar dream.  There are loads of articles on starting your own vintage boutique, on dating, on making music, on making a creative hobby into a profitable business, even on starting a blog!  You can learn so much, and get so much closer to your goals, by reading about people who have met theirs.  Reach out!

Really.  You can do this.

– Sarah

  • Kasia
    May 5, 2012

    Sarah, thank you!
    It was really inspiring – I’m going to write this shit down now :)

  • Corrine/Frock & Roll
    May 6, 2012

    How deliciously inspiring! An awesome goal, and an AWESOME post :)

  • Alicia
    May 6, 2012

    Different from your usual posts but I love this!!

    • admin
      May 9, 2012

      Would you even say… QUE BUENO!?

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