Lazy Trader Joe’s Sunday (!!!)

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Oh yeah, Darlings.

I FINALLY WENT TO TRADER JOE’S.  That’s right.  There’s been one literally five minutes from my apartment for 8 months now and  I had no idea because I’m directionally challenged.  Luckily, the fella that’s been taking me out recently (also known as NerdyRG if you follow me on Twitter) knows his way around the Pittsburgh neighborhoods better than I do.

What did I get? All things that are good!  Goat cheese brie, Joe Joe’s sandwich cookies, almond cocoa spread, fish sticks and chicken strips that aren’t packed with sodium or preservatives, and a buttload of veggies (and hummus!).  It was pretty incredible.  I piled a plate high with celery and carrots and hummus as soon as I got home, and ran around my apartment handing out Joe Joes like some the Cookiemonster on crack.

Luckily for you, I was still able to rustle up some lazy Sunday linkage to keep your night exciting.  I know, you can thank me later.

& Gina has mad smoothie swagger and wants to share her magic with you!

& Kira made some amazing desktop and iPhone wallpapers for May!  Is anyone else obsessed with having a calendar on their wallpaper or lock screen?  It makes my life 10x easier.  If you haven’t tried it yet, grab hers!  It’s gawgeous.

& Whether you blog or journal privately, August Empress has some fantastic and unique promptsfor your next entry.

& Batzey shared 3 separate easy-peasy tutorials on how to jazz up a camera strap.  Make yours stand out!  I’m really dying to try one of these.

& Do you know Sarah Von?  Do you love Yes and Yes?  You should.  You know what else you should do?  Check out the Post-College Survival Kit  !  If you’re just graduating, or maybe you’re like me and you have a semester or two left, and you feel like you could really use some help figuring out what all this “real world” stuff is about… the masterminds behind the Kit are there for you!  I’ll be signing up!

Love, goat cheese, and sandwich cookies to all!

– Sarah

  • Danielle
    May 6, 2012

    I get SO excited when I’m in Trader Joe’s (and any stores like it, really). I end up zig-zagging all over the store going “This is SO COOL! And it’s probably healthier than the crap I get at the normal grocery store! Woo!”

    • admin
      May 9, 2012

      Right?? I think for the first five minutes, I just stare like a deer in headlights. Other shoppers give me strange looks. Try their new caramelized onion dip next time you’re there – it’s so good (and definitely healthier than other grocery store crap haha)!

  • Friends 'n Chocolate
    May 7, 2012

    I love Trader Joe’s. Unfortunately, the closest ones to me are at least 20 minutes drive :-( But I do go when I can.

    • admin
      May 9, 2012

      If my car were airconditioned, I would definitely make a 20 minute trek for Joe’s – especially these bangin’ cookies. But, I have really weird priorities, and cookies are definitely chief among them!

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