Why did it never occur to me before to address my posts with “Darlings?”  What the balls is wrong with me?



I took a week and a half long hiatus from blogging, not because I wanted to or because I got bored, but because life has kicked my ass this semester.  I am so, so glad that I started Marvelous Darling when I did, and that I threw myself into it with typical Scorpio gusto, but at this point in my life my schooling has to come first.  Luckily, I am one week away from being done!

First thing’s first: I know you’re all dying to see pictures of the dog I had for a couple of days.  So, below the cut, you’ll see approximately 8 million pictures, and the story of Cheese Queen in its entirety.

Also below the cut:  Instagrams of my Daily Life, and some very special Links of the Week!  So please, follow the cut!

My friend Mike found, as he dubbed her, Cheese Queen one night outside his apartment.  She was dirty, skinny, covered in mats, nervous, but very friendly and excited to see him.  Apparently, she smelled like cheese, which is why she got the name Cheese Queen.  (And before I could stop it, she began responding to it.)  Anyway, he took her in, gave her a bath and some lunch meat, and texted me to see if I could help him out.  This was the Saturday before Easter.  The next day, we took her to the emergency vet clinic to have her looked over and checked for a microchip, since she was found without a collar/tags.  No chip, no collar, no tags, and from the sources we checked, no one was looking for her yet.  So we filled out a report, which they faxed to all of the vets and shelters in the area, and I decided to take her home to my parents’ house, which is where she spent her Easter Sunday.  Mike, in the meantime, looked around for a home to foster her until her family came forward, and found out that his friend Sarah’s mum has a lot of land and another yorkie.  Until we could get her out there, she stayed with Mike, and I watched her that Wednesday.  As you can see, she’s basically the most adorable thing ever, and after she calmed down we found out she was housebroken and crate trained.  If I wasn’t allergic to her, I totally would have found a way to keep her.  Le sigh.

Instagrams of my Daily Life:

Pretty sky the other day // Amazing cinnamon twist at the cafe with some iced coffee

Facebook ads know me so well!!  //  I’m a Slytherin.  And no, I’m not too old for Pottermore.

Food porn from Razzy Fresh froyo  //  I glitterfied an iPhone case!


And last but certainly not least, aaaaahmazing links that I’ve been saving up all week:

& First, we have Jess of IROCKSOWHAT.com and I am kind of kicking myself for not finding her sooner.  She’s honest, hella funny, and her weightloss journey has been extremely inspiring.  Also, she does some fantastic design content, like free social media buttons.

& You know those “What’s in my bag?” features they always stick way in the back of fashion magazines?  I love those.  I’m obsessed with what other people carry.  Apparently, I’m not the only one – enter: What Do You Carry?

& I am absolutely dying to make this Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread from TenPenny Splendid.  The fact that I’ve been trying to cut my sugar intake (minus the sugar found in fruits, veggies, and dairy of course) be damned.

& I’m loving this fantastic how-to on Blogging on a Budget from Show & Tell.  You don’t need to have a lavish lifestyle or a Carrie Bradshaw budget to blog!  I set up my domain for $30 for the whole year, I use a free WordPress theme, and I’ve spent a total of $10 on advertising for this blog.  That’s $40 so far, $30 of which could have been avoided had I been content to stay on WordPress.com or tackle the Blogger learning curve.  Go check out Allison’s how-to and conquer your blogging budget fears!

& Maybe it’s all the NyQuil I’ve had this week, but I’m in AWE of Vanessa’s design over at HelloVanny!  I mean, her images like, APPEAR as you scroll.  Also, she posts amazing weekly links posts, and makes an effort to introduce her readers to new freelancers and other bloggers.  Just go.  And prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor afterward.


Whew!  Anyone else tired from that blog marathon?  I have a bad cold, so basically anything more than walking down the hall to the bathroom winds me at the moment.  But, I promise, I’ll be back soon.