Hi pretties,

Today, I was inspired by The Tiny Twig to revamp and restyle and remix and re-everything-else my wardrobe.  Spring break is doing wonders for my relaxation, but I needed to finally do something at least mildly productive.  So, after some major room spring cleaning, I headed to my wardrobe…

First, I gathered all of the clothes I haven’t worn in the past 6 months, or the clothes that I put on and then immediately take off because they never fit quite right or look quite nice enough.  You know, the shirts that are too tight in the wrong spots and the dress that’s awkwardly short or long?  You probably have no need for it!

Then, I looked at what remained.  What I saw were a lot of stripesloose v-neck teescardigans, and skinny jeans.  After thinking about it, those are really what I feel most comfortable in, with some v-neck sweaters in neutral colors thrown in for good measure.  I also discovered that as much as I love H&M in the store and on the racks, their clothes just do not have staying power in my closet, with the exception of one cardigan and one sweater.  Their clothes simply don’t fit me.  Another surprise?  A lot of the basics in my wardrobe (jeans, long sleeve v-necks, lacy tank tops) were from Abercrombie.  Their clothes fit me well and I end up keeping them for years.  But that’s just me!  

So, I made myself a newly revamped and recharged style Pinboard on Pinterest.  I would absolutely love it if you would check it out!  I would also love to see my readers’ styles, so follow me on Pinterest and I’d love to follow you in return, or post here with a link so I can see what you’re up to!

PS: If you haven’t clicked above, you should definitely check out The Tiny Twig, especially her 31 Days to a No-Brainer Wardrobe posts!  They’re incredible, and Hayley makes sure to not cater to only one body type or budget.  She’s brilliant!

Safe & sexy,