Hi pretties.

This lazy Sunday has been quite a struggle!  Anyone else hardcore riding the strugglebus this morning after last night’s festivities?  It was definitely Saint Patrick’s day.

& My morning was definitely brightened by this post on Flattery.  I love her scarf!  I don’t read many fashion blogs, but her posts are always so stunning.

& I’m really, really enjoying Elsie’s posts on A Beautiful Mess.  Her blend of photography, DIY, style, home, and beauty is really unique, and there’s always a useful tutorial to be found.

& Literally moments before writing this post, I found CheekyCheeky, and I’m particularly loving her Guide to Wheat Beer.  I have a feeling Carmen is a new favorite blogger here in Marvelous Darling Land.

I’m so sorry for the super short post and my lack of content this week – I’ve been truly swamped!  I thought I was getting sick this weekend, so I laid low, but I’m really paying for it today.  So much to do, so much to do!

Safe & sexy,