I hope you had a very sexy week!

Last week, we talked about vibrator material basics.  This week, we’re going to address the most fun part of choosing a new toy: different types of vibrators.  Who’s excited?  This girl is!

Because there’s so much to say about each kind of vibrator, I’m going to break up this topic into a few separate posts.

Today, we’re going to look at clitoral vibrators.  The clitoris can have up to 8,000 nerve endings, and exists for only one purpose: pleasure.  It’s there, with a ton of nerve endings, for fun.  Show it some love – that’s what it’s there for!

Clitoral vibrators are in most cases made to be used externally.  These toys vary so greatly that there’s sure to be something for everyone, from beginner to toy expert.  When looking for a clitoral vibrator, think about a couple of things:

1) Ease of cleaning (go go gadget silicone!)

2) Do you want a small bullet-style vibrator, a larger egg, or something totally different?

If you know what kind of vibration strength you like, you can usually browse a toy site by strength of vibration.  If you’ve only ever had inexpensive vibrators from Spencer’s or another novelty shop, those were probably not very strong, rumbly vibrations.  (In toyspeak, we call vibrations either “rumbly” which means they’re strong and deep or “buzzy” which means they’re weak.  If buzzy gets you off, rock on!  But a lot of ladies need the rumbles to get goin’.)

Above, I linked an example of each category within the “family” of clitoral vibrators.  All of the toys I linked above after from Babeland, an online retailer that does not sell any toys with phthalates in them – you know you’re safe shopping with them!  There’s the PicoBong Honi, which is a classic bullet-style vibrator.  It’s waterproof up to three feet, so it’s perfect for a little bathtime relaxation.  Second, there’s the Je Jouie Mimi, my newest favorite vibe.  It’s a bit larger than a bullet, waterproof, and just like you’re phone or iPod, it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so it’s easy on the earth, too.  In my experience, you can’t beat Mimi’s vibrations, either!  If you’re looking for something with a lot of power, the famous Hitatchi Magic Wand is “the Cadillac of vibrators,” though it’s not the smallest or most discreet of toys.  I’m also intrigued by the PicoBong Kiki and since it’s made by Lelo, a very well-respected toy company, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, either!

Do any of my readers have a clitoral vibe they love and swear by?  Are you excited for the next installment where we’ll look at G-Spot vibes?

Safe & sexy,