Pretties!  Since I’ve been slacking with my DSLR lately, I wanted to share some photos in the format I’ve actually been able to keep up with.  It’s worth noting, I’m back to an older iPhone 3G, so the quality could stand improvement, but it’s just so fun to shoot on!  I can’t get enough.

I’m a barista at a small local cafe, so I usually get to spend about 3 days a week making drinks and talking to great people.  It’s pretty sick!  This is a little hot chocolate latte amalgamation I made to satiate my caffeine withdrawal and my sweet tooth.  Aren’t our turtle mugs precious?

This is Ewan, my big silly boy rat.  He’s sadly all by his lonesome since his brother died, but he loves to free range in my room and cuddle inside my robe.  I’m pretty certain that his favorite food is almonds, and he’s under the impression that his wheel is only good for snacking in.

I swear, I’ve had at least 3-4 meals of tomato soup and grilled cheese in the past week, and I couldn’t possibly be happier.  As you can sort of see in the picture, our kitchen table is deliciously retro, and I loved the way the meal, the table’s print, and this particular Instagram filter (Nashville!) meshed.  I’m kind of an addict.

Safe & sexy,